Since the turn of this century, the internet has become a feature of modern living. Many industries were created as a result of internet adoption and a lot of those that previously existed developed rapidly. One of those that developed is the gambling industry, most especially Casinos. Now, the world had sportsbooks (legal and illegal) and casinos before the internet came around, but since going online, the gambling experience has grown in many ways. The most popular of these ways is the normalization of online gaming. However, not all online gaming can be categorized as real money gambling even when the game in question is a gambling mainstay. As such, it would serve you well to read on and learn all you can about real money pokies 2022.

Why Online Gambling Apps?

Even within the classification of online gambling, distinctions still exist. For instance, not all online gambling enterprises utilize apps; some restrict themselves to being web-based. That said, gambling apps are becoming more popular and even web-based platforms have taken to developing apps as well. There are valid reasons for this trend. Some of these reasons are:


Increased convenience has been one of the driving forces of the gambling industry. However, where land-based casinos of the last century prioritized comforts, accommodation, and luxury facilities, online casinos of this century are all about ease of access and online customer experience. The way to assure this is to optimize web-based platforms for mobile devices and provide apps. Most online gambling houses are already doing both. As a result, their services are more convenient than those of brick-and-mortar casinos. Players now play on phones, tablets, laptops, etc. whenever they feel like it. Learn also how to select the best online casino for you.


The biggest land-based casinos used to have lots of games and that used to be one of their selling points. So, it should mean something that even those casinos cannot rival the number of games on offer in most gambling apps. And it does mean something. Your average online pokies would offer slot and table games with different names/titles. It gets even more interesting with sports betting. Most sports betting sites no longer limit themselves to a few sports. Instead, they offer as many as they can. From this perspective alone, the popularity of online gambling apps is very much justified.

Promos and Bonuses

Promos and marketing represent the main marketing tactic of gambling apps. In fact, one could conclude that they used these tools to steal the loyalty and attention of gamblers. Such an argument wouldn’t be far from the truth. There are so many types of promos and bonuses on offer, that it is unlikely that you haven’t come across one that interests you. From welcome bonuses to reward points, gambling apps have capitalized on an option that land-based casinos didn’t even consider.

Gambling online app

How Do Real Money Gambling Apps Work?

Real money gambling apps are available in almost every country of the world. However, all these gambling apps are not the same. They might differ in their mode of operation, the type of gambling on offer, and (most importantly) the quality of the experience you would be getting. Despite this, they all have areas of similarity. Slot games and games utilizing dice and cards are set up on Random Number Generators (RNGs) to keep things fair and random. Also, they all have banking methods to aid deposit and withdrawal of money. In fact, provided you pick a legal gambling enterprise, the chances of being scammed out of money are slim. You can research and pick out gambling apps based on the following metrics:

  • Responsiveness and suitability for your device (phones or laptop; android or iOS, etc.);
  • Type of gambling you want (table games, sports betting, card games, etc.);
  • Banking options;
  • Availability and types of bonuses.

Are Real Money Gambling Apps Legal?

The subject of legality here is a big deal. This is partly because the onus of ascertaining the legality of an online gambling outfit is largely on the player. Nevertheless, licensing authorities have done most of the grunt work for you. All that’s left is accessing the position of the licensing authority before you start playing on an app with real money. To do this, take note of the body (or bodies) that issued the license, read up on their trustworthiness, and determine whether they are thorough enough for you. Furthermore, never forget to check the locations a gambling app is legal. Watch also Kit Harington going viral over his reaction to the ‘Game of Thrones slot machine.

Tips to Help Pick a Real Money Gambling App

There’s usually a real hurry among players. Not to worry, though, the feeling is not necessarily a sign of addiction. In most cases, it is just an eagerness to engage in an enjoyable pastime. That said, you shouldn’t give in to the feeling unless you are prepared. This is very important when you’re gambling with real money. So, before you dive in and stake your hard-earned money, consider the following guiding tips for picking online pokies:

  1. Don’t Rush Your Research

The game isn’t going anywhere and neither is the money you’re in a hurry to make. So instead of making hasty decisions on online casino choices, take your time to check out licenses, consult reputable casino review sites and gamble on bonuses. The extra time could be the difference between a fun, profitable experience and simply flinging money into a financial black hole.

  1. Stick to Tried and Trusted Houses

You might be tempted to try out an unestablished house because they offer great bonuses and services. The thing about such houses, though, is they are relatively untested. We would advise you to concentrate on established gambling apps and only delve into others if there’s an extensive, trustworthy review endorsing them.

  1. Check Out the Banking Options

At the heart of it, gambling is still a money business. Regardless of how fun it may be, you are always going to be losing or making money. Because of this, it would be wrong to do business with an operation using untrustworthy banking methods. The best solution for this is to settle for gambling apps and services with your preferred banking methods.


When it comes to real money gambling apps, the truth is epitomized by the results. They are real, profitable, and popular. If you’re going to be gambling, there’s no reason to run away from them.