The solitaire is the single most popular setting style in diamond engagement rings. The most breathtaking setting, nothing shows off the rock better than a solitaire setting. But making the diamond evident to the eye is not its only achievement. The solitaire engagement ring setting also gets a lot of credit for showcasing the fire and brilliance in a stone.

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Why Are Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings Seen as the Star of the Show?

Has the hype around solitaire diamond engagement rings ever made you wonder what exactly is so incredible about these rings? Here is a little game that will answer that. Close your eyes and picture a diamond ring, just any ring at all. Most readers see a classic diamond ring that has a skinny shank and a fist-size diamond on it. In all probability, you, too, had a similar vision in your mind. So how do people from vastly different backgrounds and with diverse experiences see the same kind of ring when thinking about a diamond ring? It’s because that ring you just saw in your mind’s eye is the very idol of all diamond rings, and that is the solitaire engagement ring. See a unique collection of solitaire engagement ring at Diamonds-USA website.

But why does everyone see it when imagining a diamond ring? What exactly is so special or individual about it? The special thing is, and this may surprise you a bit at first, the setting- a clean, petite and dainty setting that enhances the color, cut, sparkle and beauty of the diamond infinitely. But not just in this, a solitaire engagement ring has a more central place in diamond jewelry than most people know.

So let’s find out all about what gives a solitaire its celebratory status and why it is still considered one of the most precious and incredible settings of all.

The solitaire ring for you

The word solitaire in diamond jewelry is not just a setting but is originally a style of a diamond ring. The setting seen traditionally in this style of rings later got its name from them. A solitaire diamond ring is a ring that has a single diamond on it. Often, the stone is a colored gemstone, but even without a diamond, it is still a solitaire.

Originally, the term solitaire applies to any piece of jewelry that features just one piece of gemstone. Another little known fact about solitaire engagement rings is that the word solitaire gives nothing away about the shape of the stone. The stone on the ring can be a classic round brilliant or a modern princess cut or any of the new fancies. The word solitaire merely tells you that the concerned jewelry has only a single piece of stone.

Solitaire engagement ring, a Magnet for Attention

A solitaire ring is the kind of jewelry you want to turn up wearing at a prestigious ball. It is a complete showstopper. Garnering attention with a solitaire diamond ring is easy as taking a walk in the park. Just stroll in, and eyes will follow. The huge following of solitaire rings owes not only to its unparalleled aesthetics but its unvarying popularity through the years. While other styles come in trend and exit after a while, the solitaire stays. It has been under the spotlight since the time diamond rings became a fad.

Diamond lovers are hopelessly obsessed with this style. Its clear lines and sparkling quality makes it the most iconic style in jewelry. In solitaire, the center stone shines with all its might, having no smaller stones to claim a share of the attention.

Solitaire Stones- A Miscellany of Choices

Opposite to what most people believe, solitaire is not a shape of stone. Therefore, solitaire engagement rings have a richly diverse choice of stones. The stones not only differ in styles but also in shapes, colors, and settings. The most popular solitaires are the ones that feature diamonds of different shapes and carat sizes. Below are some of the most coveted solitaire diamond cuts.

  • Princess-cut diamond solitaire
  • Round-cut diamond solitaire
  • Marquise-cut diamond solitaire
  • Heart-cut round solitaire
  • Oval-cut diamond solitaire
  • Emerald-cut diamond solitaire
  • Cushion-cut diamond solitaire

Solitaire Settings

The classic style of solitaire engagement ring, which is also the most selling model in solitaire rings, is a solid metal band with a diamond set atop, held in place by a four or six-prong setting. This setting gives a diamond ring its iconic classic look. The prong setting is stylish, wearable, and flattering. But if you are willing, there is a whole range of solitaire setting styles to explore, some of which are equally, if not more flattering. Some of those are:

Bezel Setting: The bezel is a setting with a round or partial metal bracket that goes around the stone.

Bezel set solitaire ring
Bezel set solitaire ring
Prong solitaire engagement ring. Diamonds-USA
Prong solitaire engagement ring. Diamonds-USA

Prongs  Setting: This setting is inconspicuous to the point of invisibility.                                                                   Prong solitaire engagement ring. Diamonds-USA

Nature-Inspired Setting: This setting exhibits vintage features like milgrain, filigree, twisted vines, etc.Leaf motif solitaire engagement ring in rose gold

Leaf motif solitaire engagement ring in rose gold
Leaf motif solitaire engagement ring in rose gold

Final Thoughts

In summation, the reasons that make the solitaire rings such a special change from one to another. But generally speaking, it is the chic and sparkling quality of the ring that makes it irresistibly beautiful.