With the ongoing pandemic circumstances, everyone has been trying to limit human interactions as much as possible. Many people have decided to use the technological and digital alternatives of running their errands to avoid being out in closed and crowded spaces. While this is a much safer, more convenient, and easier option, receiving packages at home almost every day can be quite annoying. 

Here are some tips to help you out if you are receiving packages at home every day.

Schedule Your Deliveries

Since you never know when to expect packages, they can be delivered to your doorstep when you are unavailable. Not telling when your packages will show up makes it hard to ensure that you won’t be working, going for a run, showering, or even sleeping at the time. Sometimes, having delivery people leave your packages at the front door can be an invitation for thieves. Unfortunately, neither the retailer nor the shipping company will be responsible for your package after drop-off. Instead, you can have your shipping company notify you regarding the exact delivery date and time. This way, you can make yourself available, reschedule the date/ time, or have the package held for pickup. However, you must know that rescheduling can cost you an additional fee. If you decide to have the package held at pickup, some shipping services can allow you to pick up the package at a nearby store. For instance, FedEx allows customers to pick up their packages at the nearest Walgreens.  

Another thing you can do is schedule for same-day delivery. This means you can get the items you need the moment you’re available. Many couriers, like DropOff, offer this option to businesses and many industries. For example, they can provide a fashion delivery service straight to the customer’s door. Consider asking your retailer of choice if they offer same-day delivery with reliable companies to ensure you receive what you need on time.

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Delivery Instructions

If you’d rather save yourself the trouble of arranging a rescheduling or a pickup option with the shipping company, you can leave delivery instructions while entering shipping details. In most countries like the UK, you can instruct the shipping company to drop off your package at the desired entrance or in a hidden spot of your choice. You can even invest in a secure delivery box UK for a safer alternative and ask them to drop off your package there. Most parcel boxes have rear and front entrances, making them suitable and accessible for larger packages. This option is really safe and suitable if you can’t make yourself available to pick up the package, as well as avoiding face-to-face interactions. 

Amazon Key

If you are using Amazon shipping services, you can use Amazon Key, a really convenient feature. However, for it to work, you must own a myQ Smart Garage Hub that is compatible with your garage door opener. Amazon Key allows delivery people to open your garage and safely drop off your packages inside. This way, you won’t have to worry about your packages’ safety, as well as timing inconveniences. Although letting strangers into your garage may sound like a risk, Amazon Key comes with additional features to ensure your home and garage’s safety. 

You’ll receive an alert with the expected delivery window right before the delivery person arrives. Upon arrival, the delivery person will request for Amazon to open your garage door. When they receive the request, Amazon will verify that the delivery person is at your address with your package and notify you that your package is being delivered. They will not give the delivery person a keycode and will open the garage door automatically. After the package is dropped off, the delivery person will shut your garage door and leave. You will receive an alert signaling that your package has been delivered and that your garage door is shut. Amazon can also record the delivery process, and you can watch it either live or later on. 

Video Doorbells

Though they may be the least favorable option and can be very expensive, video doorbells can still be used to your advantage. If you are at home, you can speak with the delivery person through the video doorbell and instruct them on where to leave the package. If you aren’t home, video doorbells are great because they also function as cameras. Since they are motion-sensitive, they will record anyone who approaches your doorbell. While you won’t be alerted if anyone tries to steal your package, you will still have footage of the thief. 

Shipping and delivery services are of significant convenience, especially during the current circumstances. However, it can be very annoying if you receive packages every other day. You will never be available to receive every single one of them on time, given that shipping services don’t always notify you regarding when you will be receiving your order. This is why we gathered a few tips that will help out anyone who receives packages often.