It’s very common for people to own things that might not fit in their home and office. However, these items might be too important to throw away, and this is where storage units come in. 

For many, opting for a self-storage unit is more convenient than cramming their living or workspace with items they don’t regularly use. If you’re planning to rent one, here are the qualities you need to look for.

1. Accessibility

Accessibility is a key quality you need to look for when renting a self-storage unit. You need to find a storage unit with a prime location and flexible opening hours, especially if you’re looking for a storage space to store items you’ll want to pick up often or at odd hours of the day. It’s important for you to first determine the reason behind your need for storage space. Once you pinpoint your reason, you’ll know which storage facility suits your case best.

2. Security

Of course, security is a major factor you need to consider for any self-storage facility as you’ll be storing important personal property that won’t be under your watch all the time. It’s a given that you need to acquire a strong lock for your storage unit, but you still need to look for storage facilities that offer you extra security, so you do not feel uneasy about potential theft. A storage unit with security qualities such as video surveillance, unit alarms, and good lighting is a must. The tighter the security is, the safer your items will be.

3. Convenience

Finding a self-storage unit with convenient features will make it much easier for you to store and retrieve your items when you need to without a hassle. Look for storage facilities that offer direct access for your car to make loading and unloading items easier or, as the folks from Quick Self Storage suggest, a smart feature that gives you instant, keyless access to your unit. Smart units allow you to manage your storage unit through your phone and share access with other family members, simplifying the process for all parties involved. There are many other convenient features that you can choose from, so look for ones that suit your specific needs.

4. Cleanliness

A storage unit’s cleanliness can say a lot about the quality of the facility. Make sure to check the facility’s maintenance and cleaning protocols for all units when looking for one to rent. 

climate control storage

Ask to check empty units before choosing your own storage unit to verify the whole facility’s cleanliness. You wouldn’t want to store your items in a dirty and dusty space, would you?

5. Climate Control

This factor will depend on what you plan to store in your unit. However, opting for a climate-controlled storage unit is still a great quality to look for as it’ll protect your items from pests, humidity, and severe temperature changes. It’ll preserve the integrity of your items regardless of what they are, so you can rest assured that you won’t find your belongings rusty, broken, or damaged.

So there you have it! These are the most important qualities you need to look for when renting a self-storage unit. Make sure to properly research all the facilities you’re considering to ensure the safety of your personal belongings and look for the features that suit you best.