In the 21st-century people decide to relocate much more frequently, because of the privileges they obtain in the new country of living. Of course, they may have different reasons for relocation. But as a result, they all want to have equal rights with the natives.

Public investments solutions immigration company assists in the European passport-obtaining procedure for everyone who asked for its help. The reason that people decide to cooperate with the lawyers is a simple registration procedure. Public Investments Solutions helps with preparing the documents, submitting them to authorized bodies, and managing all the processes. More about the company, proof of its legal support, and the real reviews from the company’s clients can come across below.

How can you get a Romanian passport with the support of lawyers?

There are a few ways the lawyers of Public investments solutions help the clients to get their EU documents – repatriation and investment. Below you will find the list of the countries that support both and which passports the lawyers can give you a hand with.

Romania EU citizenship
Cyprus Romanian citizenship
Malta Bulgarian citizenship
Austria Hungarian citizenship
Slovak citizenship
Slovenian citizenship

Nowadays, one of the most popular countries amongst immigrants is Romania. Its passport holders are equal to natives. They obtain the freedom to travel, live, and work in any state of the EU. Public investments. solutions migration company takes responsibility for all the preparation processes, provides its clients with the best immigration plan, and tries to realize that plan as soon as possible. 

Public Investments Solutions works legally in accordance with European law, Romanian law, and the signed agreement. A lot of the reviews on the Internet prove that fact.

Before starting the cooperation with the company, you should be aware of the difference between the procedures, the company suggests.

Citizenship of Romania by investment

What Public Investments Solutions offers:

  • Individual approach, and the most appropriate immigration solution to the clients;
  • Legal support, which is provided in accordance with the international law, and the signed agreement;
  • 100% successfully prepared procedures by the lawyers.

Pursuant to the requirements, the investor should contribute to commercial real estate or medicine. The pros of the procedure:

  • No physical residency requirements;
  • Obtaining citizenship by the whole family members;
  • Becoming a resident of Romania within a year.

Obtaining a Romanian passport by repatriation

In comparison with the previous method, repatriation has much fewer requirements for the applicants. The client of Public investments. solutions should present to the lawyers all the necessary documents (including proof of his/her territorial affiliation). If it is needed, the experts will help to prepare the immigrant’s case, and submit it to the Ministry of Justice. According to the reviews about Public Investments Solutions, the lawyers take responsibility for almost all the work. A customer just needs to provide the experts with the right documentation and pass the oath-taking ceremony. Registration of a Romanian passport by repatriation takes about 6 months.

To get an initial consultation from the lawyers, leave a request on an online platform.

Real customers’ reviews about Public Investments Solutions

Having worked for years in the field of immigration, Public Investments Solutions got a lot of positive reviews. People say that it is more than just assistance. The lawyers increase the chance of getting an EU passport by dealing with all the issues meticulously. PIS is responsible for document preparation, managing the processes, and most important – communication with the government servant.

Is it worth cooperating with Public Investments Solutions?

Summarizing all the information mentioned above and in reviews, it is worth admitting great support of PIS. Immigration lawyers which pay attention to the client’s case in such a meticulous way, and who are confident in their moves, have a great number of positive reviews on the Internet. As the customer says, it is not necessary to be well-knowledgeable in legislation, if you are working with lawyers. Cooperation with Public Investments Solutions gives people not just confidence, but also the chance to become a Romanian citizens much earlier, than by naturalization process.