Chances are you have been hearing more and more about house and land packages from all the property moguls in the know. The concept is the new kid on the block, and Australians have been flocking to the idea and creating the homes of their dreams in the suburbs that they love. So why should you be paying attention to house and land packages? Let’s find out.

So, what is a house and land package?

If you are starting to consider a house and land package, know that all companies offer different package features and upgrades. A reputable and design-led home and land package in Sydney offers you a newly built designer home in a stunning location of your choice. So what’s the catch, right? There really isn’t a catch. Some home and land packages will not offer you a choice in the location in which the home is being built, so make sure you choice a provider that will give you the luxury of choice so that you can live where you want to.

How does it compare?

So, why would you choose this option over buying a home off the market? Well a home and land package gives you the best of both worlds. A brand new property in Sydney can be incredibly expensive, just as a rising suburb can be. Instead of sacrificing condition or location, choose both with a home and land package – without breaking the bank in the process. You can even choose to add a pool, or invest in visually appealing landscaping design that will add curbside appeal to your brand new property.

How does this work in the Sydney market?

 You may be wondering how a home and land package stacks up in the Sydney property market. Sydney continues to overachieve in the australian property market, with more suburbs being added to the hot list as the city’s CBD expands. A home and land package will allow you to choose a suburb that is flagged as a growth or developing suburb with no fear that you have missed the mark. Home and land packages also open you up to the possibility of making that home an investment property. As the homes are new builds, you do not need to make any changes or extensions to get tenants in. How often do you hear of people who have built a home, only to find out one area or feature does not meet building code, and needs to be fixed before they can rent out the home? Don’t let that happen to you.

 What’s the process?

Now that we know why we should be paying attention, you should also understand what the actual process is. Once you have chosen a reliable home and land package provider, you can select a model that is right for you. The home and land model options to choose from are: home design, home and land packages, knock down rebuild, pool design and landscaping, ready built homes, or display homes for sale. These different options will vary in price, terms and conditions.

Doing all of your research on home and land packages will ensure you find the best option for your unique set of circumstances, and will get you the home of your dreams sooner. When you talk to your home and land package provider, ask to see some of their previous work and wander through the home design and get a feel of whether you can see you and your family in something similar.