Whether you have been in a relationship for a few months, a few years, or a few decades, every couple needs a break at some point from the duties and responsibilities of day-to-day life. A romantic vacation is something all couples should do as time and money allow. This allows you to have alone time together, reconnect, and take a break from everyday life pressures. Going on a trip should not require hours of time and stress to plan. Booking should be straightforward and simple. Read on to get some ideas for your next romantic getaway, where the planning will be effortless and uncomplicated.

Bahama Cruise

If you literally want to get away from it all, then grab your partner and get ready to set sail on a Bahamas cruise! Cruise ships offer a one-of-a-kind retreat for a romantic getaway. They have various entertainment options onboard, such as sundecks and pools, fine dining, spas, and nightly performances. There are different types of ships to cater to your likes and interests. Some ships offer different themes, such as culinary or celebrating a specific holiday, so if you have a specific interest or hobby, see if the cruise line offers any ships with a focus on your tastes. If you want some adventure on your trip, cruises also offer land packages so you can explore the Caribbean on foot when the ship docks. As the ships run their courses regularly, they know which attractions and landmarks are the best for tourists. Instead of having to go to multiple different websites to research and book your trip and activities, booking a cruise can be a one-stop-shop for all your dining and entertainment needs, whether in the boat or on land.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast is another great option for an easy, romantic trip. Bed and Breakfasts are typically large homes with many rooms that have been renovated to host multiple guests. If you want to see attractions in the town, stay at a Bed and Breakfast located close to the city. Otherwise, if you prefer a more secluded trip, book at a location that is out in the country. These will often have attractions on-site, such as horseback riding or hiking trails. These options are especially convenient as it saves you time searching for entertainment. Additionally, as the name suggests, the owners will provide breakfast for the guests, and often time other meals or snacks throughout the day. Since these are locally owned versus corporate businesses, owners will often incorporate local features into your stay, including locally-sourced food, drinks, and amenities, such as soaps and shampoos. Bed and Breakfasts have a cozier feel to them as they do not cater to near as many guests as a corporate hotel. It also tends to be easier to get any questions or concerns addressed since the management has a smaller pool of guests to take care of.

Spa Resort

If you and your honey’s idea of a vacation are relaxing and rejuvenating, then a Spa Resort is a fantastic option. This vacation will help you avoid stress during planning and booking and melt away any lingering stress during your stay. Spa Resorts provide particularly luxurious rooms, often with restaurants and bars located in-house. The resort has an onsite spa where you and your partner can treat yourselves to a variety of indulgent services, such as massages, facials, and pedicures. Since the spa and hotel are part of the same resort, booking is simple and streamlined. Just make sure you schedule your services in advance. While you might be tempted to book the room and decide on services when you arrive, availability can be limited. The last thing you want is to arrive and find out the spa is completely booked for your stay! Save yourself the risk and reserve services in advance.

A vacation is a special time for you and your partner. It is a chance for the two of you to reconnect and take a break from the ordinary. Whether your idea of romance is a day packed with activities or relaxing while being pampered, the above choices offer every taste options and will be pain-free to schedule.