Sending valuables via a courier can be a nerve-wracking experience but where jewellery is concerned, the emotional worth of the item can be just as important as the monetary value. As a result, ensuring that your items are well packed and ready for the rocky journey ahead is vital. While most parcel courier companies will have things in place to deal with fragile and high-value items, there are a number of things that you can do before they even pick up your package in order to ensure its safety, and we’ve put together some of them, below.

Use Signed-For Delivery Services | Most couriers will offer some kind of signed-for service in which the recipient of your parcel will have to sign a document to certify that they have received the goods. This will not only make sure that you get confirmation, but it will also mean that the recipient will have to have the parcel handed to them directly in order for it to be classified as ‘delivered’. This way, your courier won’t leave the parcel unattended if the recipient isn’t in, and you can rest assured that your jewellery will remain safe from start to finish.

Consider Same Day Or Next Day Delivery | If you’re truly nervous about your jewellery parcel, why not opt for faster delivery services? Same day and next day delivery service will ensure that your parcel isn’t on the road for more than 24 hours (where possible) and that your items will reach their destination in good time. Even if the parcel isn’t urgent, this could reduce the time spent waiting around and the time in which the contents could get damaged or lost during transit.

Layer High-Quality Packing Materials | We’re sure you already know to package your jewellery with high-quality materials, but did you know that layering them up could truly save the contents? Whether you wrap your pieces in bubble wrap a few times or ensure that there’s plenty of space to fill with packing peanuts, layering these up can help prevent damage loss if the box itself is damaged throughout the parcel’s journey.

If There Is More Than One Item, Split It Up | If you’re sending more than one high-value item, make sure you split this up into separate parcels. You’re statistically unlikely to lose every single one, so by splitting these parcels up, should one go missing you would only be losing one, and not everything. Losing it all is not a risk that many people want to take, so by simply paying a little extra for a few parcels rather than one, you can better keep your items protected.

Check That Your Courier Can Deliver Jewellery | Finally, it’s best to make sure that your courier can actually deliver jewellery in the first place. While most couriers will do this without trouble, others may have a cap on the value that they can deliver through standard service. This is often for your benefit as well as the company themselves, so don’t be afraid to ask why they may not be able to deliver certain items if they refuse. Whatever the case, make sure you check before sending!

Sending jewellery doesn’t have to be quite as nerve-wracking as you might expect. From simply ensuring that everything is well-packed, to picking a signed-for delivery service, you can rest easy knowing that your jewellery is on its way to its destination with minimal risk.