Technology has advanced to the point where it now threatens and frightens humans. In fact, online hacking reports have increased extensively recently.

The fraudsters target consumers, small businesses, and retailers, making their lives even more difficult. However, business owners still want to take the risk as they never know who’s the customer and who’s a trickster. 

Surely, awareness can reduce the risk. In fact, using secured credit cards Canada service with zero fraud liability for transactions and payments can really help with the damage.

Intrigued? Let’s find out how you can save your business from online fraud!

  • Separate Financial Folder

The key is to keep your financial accounts, files, and even computers separate. You must never share the records or account number with any unauthorized user. Yes, sharing everything with every employee is prohibited.

You never know who’s the scammer because usually, the damage is done from within!

  • Verify Emails

Banks, advisors, or any legal authority will never send you an email, text, or even call you asking for your details like SSN, tax ID, account number, SIN, logins, etc. of course, sometimes, they can ask for confirmation, but they’ll share their identity. 

So, whenever you receive an email or call where the person claims to be a government official, always verify their identity from the organization. 

  • No Password Sharing

Now the password can be of your company’s computer, website login, or of your financial account. Well, whatever password it is, if accessing the code can give access to your banking or any other financial information, don’t share it!

In fact, the tip is to keep access as minimal as possible.

  • You can hire one or two accountants and only restrict them from accessing the financial accounts.
  • Any other employee or even manager should be prohibited from password sharing.

You must practice every prevention strategy that can help save your business from fraud and financial damage!

  • Secure Your Computers

Hardly anyone doesn’t want to make money online the easy way. However, sometimes, that can cost you your whole life! 

  • Say your business had just $4500 savings for the bad times.
  • Sadly, your financial computer was hacked, or an employee did you dirty.
  • Now, the savings are gone, investors are skeptical, and the customers aren’t trusting your business anymore.

So, basically, it’s a closed tunnel for you from which you can’t seem to get out of. That’s why it’s important to secure your financial computer.

The best way is to dedicate one system for all your professional transactions. If you can handle the finances, that’s even better. But, if you can’t do that, you should hire a reputable accountant for the purpose. 

  • Background Checks

Sometimes, the basic steps are the most important; imagine if your company has 20 employees, but 15 of them have a bad job history. That’s not a good sign even for your business.

However, you can’t know about it unless you do something about it. And that something is running a background check before hiring an employee.

  • Call the previous employer as soon as you receive the resume,
  • However, if someone has no experience, you can contact a credit reporting agency or the bank to access their credit profile.

A good history can give you a heads-up that this person is trustworthy and can handle money better. 


  • How can businesses prevent online fraud?

There are many ways you can stop business fraud. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Add secure payment checkouts (CAPTCHA),
  • Ask for the CVV code,
  • Autocomplete detail option,
  • Use security software and programs,

And really use your brain to figure out what sounds right and what does not. Moreover, trust your gut feeling if you feel something is fishy; it most probably is. 

  • What’s one strategy that saves the business from online fraud?

If it’s only one thing you must not avoid: it’s keeping your business computer, financial device, and files separate and protected. Also, you should use malware protection, security systems, and automatic timeout software to save every piece of information you can.

You can also set strong financial passwords to avoid data breaching.

Bottom Line

Online banking offers reliability, flexibility, and ease of payment. However, it also comes with fraud, scams, and endless data breaches. 

Well, you don’t have to deal with financial damage if you know what to do to avoid those scammers and hackers. 

Yes, save your business and money!

Wondering how you can do that? Read the guide and find your answers!