School trips can provide some of the best moments of your childhood. Being given the opportunity to go on a school trip is definitely not something you should miss out on! If you are trying to establish where it would be a good place to take your class on a school trip, then this page will tell you everywhere you should visit. Whether domestic or internationally, there is no shortage of wonderful and amazing places for you and your class to go. 

School trips should be carefully planned and considerately thought out – while educational trips are great – school kids tend to grow tired, so be sure to include lots of fun activities for them to do. Here are some awesome school trip ideas for you to take your class to.


London is infamous. Its skyline is instantly recognizable; the Shard, which is Britain’s tallest building, Big Ben, the Gherkin, and the BT Tower. The professional tour agents of say that London can be an eye-opening experience for your students, as it has a rich and ancient history, with it originally being the riverside settlement of warring tribes. Its tightly wound streets abound with museums, galleries, and plenty of activities for your class to do.

For an experience that your students will likely never forget, take them to London. If you are not from Britain, then traveling to London with your students is not as expensive as you may have thought. Many agencies offer packages in which you can travel internationally to London as part of a school initiative for a heavily discounted price. If you are in Britain, then a simple coach ride can leave you at St. Pancreas International Station, and your student’s adventure can begin.

New York

New York, another of the world’s most infamous cities. Founded by the Dutch in 1624, New York was once the home of Native tribes. New York is rich with history and has plenty of sights for your students to see, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building. 

Traveling to New York can be very expensive, however, which means it may only be accessible by domestic students rather than international students. Even so, taking your students on a trip to New York is a fantastic way to teach them about the inception of modern America.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric site located in Wiltshire, England. It is a few miles from the historic town of Amesbury. Stonehenge is a ring of stones that stand erect, each around thirteen fight high, seven feet wide, and weighing over twenty tonnes. Stonehenge is steeped in mysticism, said to be the worship site for magical druids who once treaded its ground. 

Its creation is equally shrouded in mystery, with many insisting the huge stones could not have been erected by Neolithic man. The stones have been proven to have been transported from Wales all the way to Amesbury, which is a staggering a hundred and sixty miles.


Paris, the international home of fashion and art. Paris is another of the world’s best-known cities. It is instantly recognized by the Eiffel Tower. Paris is a fantastic trip to take your students on and a great way for them to learn about Europe and its history. France is a country steeped in a rich and vast history that dates back to Germanic tribes who inhabited the land thousands of years ago. Paris is full of museums and places for your students to learn and have a lot of fun.

Avebury Circle

Avebury Circle, much like Stonehenge, is an ancient stone circle shrouded in mysticism. The circle, located at the end of the ridgeway in the village of Avebury, also in Wiltshire. The circle has many rumors surrounding it – some say it was petrified witches, other a creation of the Devil himself. 

The circle is one of the largest in Britain and still functions today as a site of Pagan worship. To truly learn about Britain’s ancient and mystical heritage, then a trip to this site can serve wonders. The distance between Avebury Circle and Stonehenge is not too far, meaning you can see both in a day.

Britain is a country long associated with esotericism and the occult – it is part of Britain’s history that must not be forgotten – with Paganism being one of its largest religions. Be sure to teach your students about Britain’s magical past!

Now you know some great places to take your students for a holiday. Taking your students on a school trip can be both fun and educational. School trips can be defining experiences for your students that are never forgotten, so make them as fun as you can.