Plants come in many shapes and sizes, and some bloom during certain seasons like only in spring for instance these, while others wilt. Knowing how to care for them is one thing, but buying the right ones is another. Because some of the different varieties are sensitive to aspects such as light, heat, humidity, cold, and more, it is important to know how to look after them so they can last you a long time.

With flowering plants, it’s the same logic. Their flowers can sprout perfectly in the right conditions but in the wrong ones, they can drop off and not get a chance of showing their beautiful colors. Plants can add an array of beautiful shades to your home, but knowing which ones are meant for your bedrooms and bathrooms, can save you a lot of money and care time.

Below we have handpicked a few different ones for you if you’re looking to add a touch of color to your home without having to pick them from your neighbor’s garden.

Indoor Plants that Have flowers

Springtime is usually the best time to see plants that bloom big and bright flowers. If only there was a country where it was springtime all year round, but there isn’t. if you wonder how you will survive without any colorful blooms in your home, you will be happy to know that many varieties offer this and you can even have them inside your house, to admire every day.

Flowering House plants

The majority of us still spend more time inside our homes, than outside, so why not bring nature into our homes and enjoy it while we can? We have handpicked a few different varieties for you that you can order online from a plant delivery store today to enjoy the benefits of, and add some great livelihood to your life.

Point to note: before we dive into our list one thing to note is that when it comes time to purchase these inexpensive potted plants, it is good to note that many of them thrive for years with minimal nurturing, but there are a few that will bloom for a certain period and then fade away till next season.

Hoyas or Hoya Carnosa

These Hoyas, are also called ‘wax plants’ and are a high priority for many plant lovers because they know how beautiful they are. They are easy to grow indoors and thrive in many climates including sometimes in winter because they do not need too much light. 

These wax plants: have star-shaped foliage and can make your house look like a tropical paradise when in full bloom.


Part of the African violet family, these beautiful frilly flowers have deep green shades of leaves and brightly colored flowers when in full bloom. You can find them on an online plant store, nursery, or even a grocery store and do enjoy their sunlight, but not directly. 

Their soil needs to remain moist but does not get their leaves wet as they don’t like this. When they flower it can last up to 2 months before it fades away again. Some of these, however, don’t necessarily bloom again so be sure to ask the shop about this.


You would have most likely seen these during Christmas time, spread across any and every building. This is because their bright red leaf-like flowers are in full effect for months and are a holiday favorite for many families as well as nurseries. When you purchase them, make sure to pick the one that has small yellow flowers, these are called ‘Cyanthia’ and appear in the center of the leaves.

If you want to see it in its full glory, don’t choose the ones that shed pollen, this means that their phase is over and they may not bloom again till much later in the year or not at all. When you order it from the online plant shop.

They will most probably keep it covered, especially during colder months when it is less than 20 degrees. When their soil gets dry, as with all plants, be sure to water it again, but not too much otherwise it will sit in a puddle of water and this can affect its roots, by either drowning them or causing fungus to start growing on the soil. Sometimes it is best to replace it once its blooming phase is over.


If ever there was a choice with the prettiest flowers of four distinct and individual colors, it is the Cyclamen, which comes in either a red, white, lilac, or pink color. Their leaves are also shaped like a heart to compliment this entirety of gorgeous aesthetic splendor. 

These little guys prefer cooler weather of anywhere between 60 to 70 degrees, any colder or warmer and their leaves will turn yellow and fall off. Because these are difficult to rebloom, you may add them to your compost once their flowering phase is over.

Flowering House plants

Phalenopsis Orchid

Who doesn’t love an orchid from time to time? These may look like one of the delicate varieties of nature, however, are a tough bunch. With little care, they can bloom for months and can last for a long time, sometimes even for years. 

They prefer a brightly lit room but make sure it is in indirect light. The best way to water them is under a tap till the water runs out at the bottom. 

These are just a few of the many gorgeous varieties you can choose from to make yours a happy home!