Self-defense is a necessary skill to possess because it protects you from harm when you are in a situation that no one else can help you. Having a self-defense gadget is one of the ways to keep yourself safe. While most people believe that it is women who need these gadgets more than men, this is false. Any person can make use of these gadgets despite their gender or age. It is important to choose a self-defense gadget that you can use comfortably.

While owning a self-defense gadget is a good starting point to enhance your security, learning how to use these items properly is another requirement you must possess. A self-defense gadget will be of no use to you if you cannot operate it. There are many types of gadgets that you can use for self-defense. When choosing a gadget for self-defense, it is wise to go with one that you can carry conveniently without drawing attention.

There is a wide array of items that you can use for self-defense. Here are a few of these items:

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper sprays are one of the most popular gadgets that people use for self-defense. The advantages of getting a pepper spray are that it is very compact and, therefore, very convenient to carry around without seeking attention. Pepper spray has a safety switch that prevents you from spraying yourself with the pepper. This safety switch can be at the top or on the side of the bottle. When using the pepper spray, turn off the safety switch and then press on the trigger so that you release a steady stream of capsaicin in the eyes of the predator. Capsaicin will make the eyes of the predator tear and get a burning or stinging sensation.

2. Expandable Baton

Batons are self-defense tools that do not require special training to learn how to use them.  These self-defense gadgets do not inflict permanent injuries on the predator, but they buy you time to run for safety. The professionals from say that when you press a switch, the expandable batons can expand for more than 20 inches depending on the type size that you have. You can collapse the expandable batons when not in use. 

3. Self-Defense Flashlight

If you are not comfortable carrying a self-defense gadget that is a form of a weapon in your car, bag, or pocket, you may consider getting a self-defense flashlight. A self-defense flashlight is compact and easy to carry around. Any person can operate this flashlight because it has no special formula for use.

A self-defense flashlight works by shining a strong beam of light on your attacker. This light is strong enough to blind the predator for some minutes, and this gives you time to run for safety or call for help before you are attacked.

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4. Tactical Pens

Tactical pens look like regular pens only that they have advanced features that help in self-defense.  A tactical pen is compact enough, and you can conveniently carry it in your pockets or bag without anyone suspecting. The ease of use for tactical pens is an added advantage because anyone can use them without special training.

The features of a tactical pen that help in self-defense include having a very sharp ballpoint that you can stab the predator with. You can also break a barrier using the blunt end of a tactical pen. Some tactical pens have extra features like flashlights that can blind the predator.

5. Stun Gun

A stun gun is a self-defense gadget that uses electricity to immobilize your attacker. The prongs of a stun gun release high voltage electricity into the muscles of the attacker. This makes the muscles contract faster than normal, and within a short time, they deplete the amount of glucose that provides them with energy.

This makes the muscles convert to anaerobic metabolism and release lactic acid. The muscles become weak such that the attacker cannot move properly, but it does not cause serious injuries to the body of the predator. This gives you time to run and save yourself. A stun gun can come in many forms like lipstick. 

6. Credit Card Knife

A credit card knife is a self-defense tool that is a credit card with automatic folding that converts it into a sharp, self-defense gadget. This knife is compact, precise, and highly portable. A credit card knife is easy to use, and therefore any person can comfortably use it for self-defense.

Self-defense keeps you from harm when you have no one else to protect you. Owning a self-defense gadget is especially helpful to anyone who can easily be overpowered by a predator, but anyone can use these tools. There are different types of self-defense tools, including tactical pens, stun guns, pepper spray, and self-defense flashlight. It is important to choose a self-defense defense gadget that you comfortably use.