Motorists who want to sell their cars today have a lot of choices available – from a part exchange, classified listing to selling to online car buyers – it can sometimes be hard to choose the right option when you want to sell it for a good price and fast. If you are in the market for a new car you will want guaranteed car finance to afford the car you would like.

1. Knowing the value of the car before selling it

The age and mileage of the car are going to have an impact on the price, make sure you know it. The condition and service history is also important. The biggest driver of price is the market prices.

Visit Auto Trader and see what your car is worth. You can also check out car valuation sites like Parkers or even visit the local car dealership.

2. Weighing up the price vs. speed of sale

If you want to sell for a good price, then consider private sites such as eBay or Auto Trader – but you should be ready to spend more time selling it. You have to show the car to many prospective buyers, negotiating, and you don’t have a guarantee of a sale happening.

If you want to sell it fast, then you can do it online by selling it to a verified dealer.

3. Don’t just choose part-exchange because you think it is easy

Part exchange might come with less hassle but you might not be getting the best price.

You are not going to get a good price unless the car dealer is interested in buying the car than retail it. Most of them usually offload the car to another dealer and they want to make a good profit margin when they make the sale. The profit is going to come at your expense.

4. Being realistic

If the worth of the car is less than 200 pounds, it might fetch more if you sell it as scrap.

5. Consider your options if you are going to sell the car online

There are many online buyers ready to give you cash for your car but know there are differences between the services.

The price that is quoted when talking to these buyers tends to be less than what you end up with because they are referring to the value of a car in ‘showroom’ condition, rather than the age and mileage.

Motorways provide sellers with a good way of getting the highest price to make sure they are getting the best possible deal at a good price.

You have the chance of selling your car without even having to leave your home. The good part is you don’t have to pay anything. You can end up getting a thousand more by using this method.

You will get a dealer who will be willing to pay for your car without hassle or haggling. You can get an instant real-world valuation by entering the reg and getting an instant valuation. Their network of dealers is going to see that and you start getting the highest price offers.

6. Preparing your car for the day of sale

The car should be cleaned and washed so it looks good. Make sure you have fixed minor dents or scratches, add some new car mats and ensure any worn plastic is tidied and reinvigorated. Small issues can result in the buyer chipping away at the price at the last minute.

negotiating the sell of your car

7. Preparing to negotiate

When you research and know the exact worth of your car, you are going to have an easier time arguing back with the buyer when they try reducing the price after inspecting the car.

8. Don’t take bankers’ drafts, cheques, or IOUs

Don’t give the buyer your car keys until they have paid for the car. This is for car dealers or car buyers and private buyers.

9. Getting your paperwork in order

The buyer is going to drop the final price offered if you are missing some documents like service and Mot history, V5C document, and spare keys.

10. Getting money back after you have sold the car

When you are done, remember to send the remaining part of the V5C form back to the DVLA, cancel car insurance, and then reclaim your road tax.