If you’re stuck indoors on a rainy Saturday, feeling “meh”, with little impetus to go out and about, how about investigating what you can see, do, listen to, or learn about via the internet, on your favorite device. There are a plethora of things you could do, from watching a film to learning how to do some festive baking.

Seeking a touch of decadence De Niro, Stone and Pesci-style, my housemates and I watched Scorsese’s classic, Casino (1995), for the umpteenth time last evening. You know the scene where De Niro’s character, Sam Rothstein, fires the slots manager for permitting three jackpot wins in 20 minutes? Or the one in which De Niro’s character falls for Stone’s Ginger McKenna when she throws her date’s character all over the place after he refuses to pay her cut of the winnings? Those are our personal favorites.

Time for TLC

While you may not feel like streaming the movie at 10 in the morning, how about channeling some inspiration from Ginger’s glamour into giving yourself a home manicure? There are plenty of YouTube clips to guide you. Once all the guys and dolls among you have hands soft as butter and nails buffed out smoothly, it may be time to turn your attention to matters less frivolous.

a little TLC on a rainy day

Someone in the house may have a work matter eating up all their mental bandwidth, while others may be pining over a lover who is never going to commit to anything more than an occasional night on the town. The solution to all minor mental health matters? How about signing up for a session, or a course, of mindfulness meditation with guru Andy Puddicombe. If anyone is skeptical, give it a collective whirl at Headspace.com, then chat about what you each got from the time spent tuning in to your breath, body, and the present moment. We say you’ll be back for more.

yoga at home on a rainy day

It’s midday and the gloom is setting in. The literary person among you quotes a few lines from a Dr. Seuss book: “The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in that house. All that cold, cold, wet day”.

“Shut up!” says the bouncy, fitness person among you. “Let’s all do an online high-intensity interval (HIIT) class!” She’s South African, of course, and logs on to her package with The Storm Center in Cape Town, which offers affordable online classes in disciplines that incorporate a range of barre, aerobics, weights, strength, and flexibility. There truly is something for everyone – I’m just wondering how our team of two guys and two gals got on in terms of sharing the available floor space, weights, and yoga mats in one small apartment?

UberEats food on a rainy day at home

All Things Sustenance

After showering and actually getting dressed in something other than PJs, it’s time to order in a late lunch and takeout coffee! UberEats may be your go-to app, as it boasts a feature in which a parent, boss, or friend in another country or state, can send you a voucher for redemption the next time you’re really hungry. 

Alternatively, turn your attention to what’s happening on the BBC Food Channel, on MasterChef Australia, or set up a competition to see who, among you, can produce the most perfect cheese omelet – you have eggs and cheese in the fridge right? Ordering out for coffee is a must, though. Because, next on the schedule, is a range of online games. Are you psyched and ready for it?

play mancraft on a rainy day at home

Now it’s the handsome but nerdy roommate’s turn to dominate. “Let’s play Minecraft”, he advises, in that sexy sultry voice that few would say no to. Sure, this game’s been going for over a decade now, but the new blocks, ores, and monsters are constantly being added – which is more than cool. But before you log on, watch a few LankyBox clips on YouTube for tips on how to win, at all costs, via the youthful but quirky team of Justin and Adam.

Won’t ask how you got on, but a little sibling/housemate/couple/cousin rivalry has never gone amiss. For the person among your party who is sizzling and fuming the least post-game-playing, how about they check out what the liquor cabinet has in store. It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

enjoy a bar experience with friends on a rainy day

Have Bar Experiment

If your bar extends to spirits and cocktail umbrellas, let’s party on as we explore just how best to make these from the pros at Travel+Leisure.com. Concocting the best drink is a no-brainer if you have ice, a shaker, and a friend who’ll Google what’s in the best, craziest, drink recipes alongside you.

If you’re a little short on shaker skills and your beloved housemate has weird things like peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and citrus fruit in the fridge – a “Sex on the Beach” evening it is going to be. Simply gather your ice, 50ml vodka, 25ml peach schnapps, 2 oranges, juiced (plus 2 slices to garnish), 50ml cranberry juice, and a couple of glacé cherries (also for the garnish, optional). The method involves filling the required number of tall glasses with ice cubes, pouring vodka, peach schnapps, and fruit juice into a large jug, and stirring. Then divide the mixture between the glasses and stir to combine, before garnishing with cocktail cherries and citrus slices.

My feeling is the above juices will lead to a second wind and your partners in crime will be suggesting all manner of ways to bring in the next day. The virtual game “Two Truths And A Lie” may just be the ticket. Or give Time Traveler a whirl. The night is but a child. Let’s get going!