The Super Bowl might be the greatest sporting event in the world, as some people might say. A lot of people watch it for the half-time show or to catch sight of their favorite celebrities in the crowd. But more importantly, we have the die-hard soccer fans who watch every single game and bet on their favorite teams. Betting comes alongside this sport; it is like mixing business and pleasure. The anticipation of the team winning and your chance of winning through sports betting is pleasurable. And with lots of teams involved, you might be wondering which one is the best to put your money into.

The Minnesota Vikings are one of the teams that have been hot and cold for a long time. They are known for having a good defense that can surely curb the offenses.

And if you think if you should bet on the Vikings this season, we will give you some information to decide.

Record and History

The Vikings have a history of a habitual winning streak. Since the last five seasons, the Vikings had four winning streaks, and two of them have been a five-game winning streak and eight-game winning streak. You can say that the Minnesota Vikings can be a great team to bet on if you look at some of the best sports betting sites you can see all the odds, statistics and chances of your favorite team to win the playoffs. Last 2019, they have a record of 10-6-0, which is better than the record in 2018, which is 8-7-1. In 1998, the best regular-season record was made, when the Vikings went 15–1-0. Right now, Minnesota’s odds of winning the Super Bowl are currently at +3300. This makes them second among NFC North teams.

Rosters and Team Quality

Another deciding factor to consider is the team quality; it is important that the team you are betting on has a good quality of players. The Minnesota Vikings team roster has a higher rating for most; their quarterback is lead by Kirk Cousin, which has 82 ratings and has the ranking of #17—followed by Jake Browning, who has 74 ratings and #39, quarterback. For running back, they also have Dalvin Cook, which has 90 ratings and #6 in all the running backs in the NFL. Adam Thielen, which has 89 ratings and #14, is the best wide receiver the team has. Lastly, in the Defensive line, they have Michael Pierce, which has 91 ratings and #5 in Defensive Tackles ranking.

Team Style

The Minnesota Vikings are known for physical and disciplined plays, which give them wins in the run. You can say that they can match up against one another. They have been practicing rotation of all the players, continuing the string mindset and determination to win. Vikings use the 4–3 defense, which has defensive alignment consisting of four down linemen and three linebackers. It also helps that they have Mike Zimmer before, and now that they updated the coaching staff, they have Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator and Andre Patterson and Adam Zimmer as co-defensive coordinators.

With this, the Vikings went from 30th in the NFL in rushing offense in 2018 to sixth in 2019. The team style can help you predict how many points the team can score, thus making it easier for you to decide if the team is worth betting on to.

Football game for the season


There are injury reports for each team that are available weekly. If you are wondering what the connection of choosing a team to bet on with regards to injuries is, the more skilled the player, the more important the injury news is, and it should be taken into consideration. As of now, there are no notable injuries in the Minnesota Vikings. Check if the best Player has out status, which means the Player will not play, doubtful status means Player is unlikely to play and questionable, which means the Player is not certain to play. Teams can be hugely affected if there are injuries in the team, so make sure that you also check that when betting football.

They worked hard to surpass their record and playoff win last season; there will be a lot of potential results for the Vikings this season. Soccer has all the uncertainty with the players and plenty of possible outcomes. Nevertheless, a $100 wager on the Vikings at +3300 odds returns a winning profit of $3300 should they go on to win the Super Bowl this year.