If you are a work-at-home dad or mom then this article will help you greatly. It’s so easy to neglect yourself while working from home. If you are not a gym enthusiast or you skip gym regularly, then this is for you. In addition to this, you might not feel like working out because you don’t get moral support from a workout buddy. In this case, you need to push yourself so you won’t risk getting health issues. No one loves to go to the hospital now and then. This is something you could avoid by just working out. You don’t need a gym subscription as you could work out in the comfort of your living room. This is not to discourage you but it’s a convenient way to exercise and it also saves you money. Below are simple and easy workouts you can do at home.


This is the first thing you do before you start doing the hard workouts. Stretching your muscles helps you get ready both physically and mentally to take up any strenuous tasks. It doesn’t matter the type of workout you will do. stretching will help prepare you for it. It helps prevent injury, soreness, and helps get your blood pumping. Here’s a review for hyperbolic stretching where you can see all the advantages of stretching. Among them includes; helps improve your posture, stretching helps you manage stress, helps decrease back pains, and it also helps to reduce workout anxiety


There are different types of squats that you can do in your everyday life. These are just a few; wide stance squats, barbell front, and back squats split squats, hack squats, and smith machine squats. Squats are a great workout for your legs and butt because it helps to strengthen them in general. But if you are looking to get the best results, then try deep squats, these are very effective. Below are some of the benefits of doing squats at home:

  • Squats can help to get rid of those extra calories
  • You can do them anywhere
  • They help strengthen your core
  • Helps strengthen your lower body muscles 

Jumping rope

Using a jumping rope when working out can be fun and it helps shed those extra fats drastically. You don’t need to be an expert to jump rope. Also, you don’t need any training as well. Before you go jumping with any rope, you should first find out if it’s your size. In addition to this, don’t jump on hard surfaces, as they can hurt your joints. Let’s take a look at the benefits of jumping a rope when working out:

  • It helps improve your coordination
  • It enhances your body balance
  • It helps in boosting your bones density

 Knee pushups

Do knee push-ups help you in any way? Well, they help in strengthening your arms, chest, abs, as well as your shoulders. In short, it is a great workout for your upper body. Additionally, they are good for your butt and they work as well as the toe workouts. Advantages of doing knee push-ups include; they help with your stability, they are good for beginners, they help improve upper body strength.

Donkey kicks for both legs

You might be wondering what donkey kicks are. Worry no more, it’s not an insult. This is a good workout that helps with toning and giving your lower body stability. They are easy to do because they target the limbs. Among the benefits associated with this workout routine includes:

  • This is an effective body burner
  • It helps boost mobility and balance
  • Tones up your glute muscles
  • You’ll have a healthy posture

Plank workout

Side planks

If you are just starting to work out at home, then you should know that side planks are not as easy. But the types of workouts you don’t love are the ones you probably need to do regularly. Side planks are effective when it comes to strengthening your core, arms, wrists, and legs. Additionally, it’s a good way to improve your balance and concentration.


This is another type of workout routine hated by many. Burpees will help you to lose weight when done right. Additionally, they’ll help to make you stronger, they are great for your body’s coordination, they will help you burn calories, just to mention a few.

Working out day in and day out helps you be more alert and focused. The above pointers will greatly help if you are working out at home. Now, not everyone loves to work out but once you put your mind to it, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Exercising will help improve your brain function, and lower your blood pressure.