Looking more fashionable involves more than just following the latest trends or learning the most complicated styling tricks. Who has the means to fund that anyway? For example, you can wear your shirt loosely tucked in, wear a pair of sunglasses or add additional layers to your outfit.

Also, it seems as if celebrities and style bloggers have an endless wardrobe of super-cool outfits, however, it is really only a matter of certain small tweaks that elevate the most basic outfits into stylish ones. They manage to put together elements you would never have thought would go together to create completely unexpected, next-level looks by combining the same pieces. You do not need a stylist for that!

Even though sometimes this is more difficult than it seems.

That’s why this article will highlight some easy tips to help pull off an over-the-top ‘fit or look fashionable without trying too hard.

Combine Textures

Layer on a variety of fabrics in a single outfit — snakeskin print, ribbed knit, silk, suede, leather — it’s super stylish. You can go for something colorful or keep everything in the same color tone to make the texture mix more subtle.

Wear Matching Sets

This is an easy way to look stylish. Any outfit combining two pieces, such as a skirt suit, pantsuit,  knit outfit, or even a sweatsuit, is automatically stylish. After choosing your clothing, all you have to do is choose your footwear and other accessories to complement it.

Pair Blazers with Graphic T-Shirts

Luxe blazers paired with edgy graphic tees with jeans create this “high-low” appearance. It’s an effortless look that can work for any situation, whether it be casual or formal.

Go Monochrome

Choose one color and run with it! In this case, you can get ready for the day much faster since you are limited to one color, and you can easily match your head to toe no matter which outfit you are wearing.

Layers Upon More Layers

The more layers you wear, the less likely it is any one piece will make or break your outfit. So wear as many layers as possible, such as a coat, over a dress, mesh shirt, then tights. Basically, imagine yourself as a stylish onion. A bonus: This trick will come in handy during cold weather when you are advised to bundle up anyway!

Step-Up Your Footwear Game

Choose footwear that is the opposite of what you normally choose. You may wish to swap your heels for flats, your sandals for sneakers, and your sneakers for heels. It’s more right when it feels like it’s “wrong”. It seems strange, but you can count on this one.

Young stylish woman with shopping bag walking city streets on a warm autumn day, visiting fashion boutiques and shops


Fashion statements are all about having a distinct style, and no accessory does that as well as a great hat. Some styles can appear a little theatrical, but that’s part of the appeal.

Use Sunglasses

If you get dressed in an outfit and it feels like something is missing and you can’t quite figure out what it is, odds are it’s a pair of sunglasses. Even better, if they complement the rest of your look. They are also easier to use than eye makeup, just to mention. Be sure to know which sunglasses go with the shape of your face. Proportion and size matter

Use a Belt on your Layers

Layering is an easy way to wear stylish clothes on a chilly day and save money by making more use of the items already in your closet. The result, however, can look a little bulky and random when a bunch of layers are applied. A belt holds everything together and helps your figure stand out beneath all of those layers.

Cuff On Jeans

It’s fine to wear jeans as simple as they are, but you can upgrade them with ankle cuffs. It is a subtle fashion trick that instantly transforms an outfit you’ve worn countless times into something new. Also, it is an excellent way to showcase your rocking footwear. The trick is choosing the right technique for your particular pair of jeans.


If you are tired of wearing necklaces, go for a handkerchief scarf or a bandana. It is an extremely simple way to dress up a simple outfit. There are a variety of ways that it can be worn as well. Feel free to experiment!

Let Your Socks be seen

Never hide your socks! Scrunched socks make an otherwise dressy outfit or shoes seem more casual. The amount of sock you should let show depends on the length of your legs. It’s a good idea to keep them no more than 1/4 of your leg. Stick with thin, not too sporty socks, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors.

No matter the size of your wardrobe or how many clothes you have, mastering these skills and combination techniques will leave you looking stylish every time. Always remember this, style is not determined by what you wear, but by how you wear it.