The worst thing that can happen is for you to come home to find your place in ruin. Your belongings have been picked over, and worse yet, your most valued items have been taken. While you are grateful to have not been harmed, a home burglary can leave you with a huge sense of vulnerability. To avoid being victim to home invasion, homeowners should consider installing a home security system to rival all others. Alternatively, simple measures can also prevent the same burglary from happening. Simple measures related to making the environment unattractive to criminals from making your presence known in the neighborhood go a long way in preventing home robberies from ever taking place. Continue reading to learn more about some simple things you can do to protect your home from break-ins.

Install Security Doors | An easy fix for home security is to make it difficult for burglars to enter your home. Front screen doors can be one great way to keep your home protected and help prevent home invasions. Today’s doors are not only sturdy, but they also make it difficult for criminals to enter the property. If you are someone who likes to leave your door open, consider installing a security door which can provide you with some added protection.

Reinforce Existing Doors | With a front or back door consider using longer screws in the hinges, locks, and bolts on the side of the door where the lock is to prevent anyone from prying the lock out-of-place. With sliding glass doors, consider taking a block of wood, polycarbonate or metal and placing it in the door track. This makes it virtually impossible to break into the sliding glass door. These two are really cheap ways to address a simple security issue until you have a budget to do more.

Landscape For Prevention | The quickest way of preventing a home burglary is to remove the things around the home that aid criminals in breaking into the home. Shrubs, trees, and other objects that block the view of doors, walkways, and windows or that can be used to access the home (i.e. ladders) can be prime tools used for break-ins. One way to guard against being victimized is to exercise lawn care that will prevent criminals from hiding in overgrown shrubbery and trees. If there are shrubs by the openings in your home, make it a habit to trim them frequently. Also, you can prevent unwanted guests from using the landscape as camouflage by planting greenery that adversely affects them such as thorny, prickly bushes. 

Inventory For Possible Weak Spots | Take a tour of the property to inspect possible weak spots in the area. Look for dark areas or areas that are poorly lit, and place lights in these areas. If you have a door that can easily be broken into or windows that are old and can be pried open, this is your opportunity to strengthen these weak spots around the home. If it means repairing doors and windows so they are impenetrable, take the time to do so to prevent possible security breaches.

Get To Know Your Neighbours | One of the best security measures is a nosy neighbor who is looking out for you. By getting to know your neighbors, you inadvertently share information about your lives, especially the details of any trips you might go on. In fact, your neighbor is the best person to keep an eye on your place when you are away, so that if there is any activity going on at the place you and the authorities are the first to know.

5 Simple Security Tips | Most home security plans begin with the small things that you can do around your home daily that so as not to encourage break-ins. Being a part of a community watch program can definitely heighten awareness of crime in the area. However, focusing on the weak spots in the home can be a sure-fire way to reduce the likelihood your home is vulnerable to break-ins. By taking the time to keep your home protected, you can rest easy, knowing that everyone and everything inside is safe at all times.