With spring just around the corner, we wanted to put together a little activity list that’s perfect for all ages.

So, whether you’ve been looking at spring holidays UK bound, booked a spring break away already, or are simply looking for activities to do during the spring half term, we’re sure there’s something on our list you can do!

Not only did we want to create a list of activities all ages could enjoy this spring, but we also wanted to clear up any confusion about when officially spring begins in the UK. So, before we head off towards the activities list, let’s first find out when spring officially arrives.


The official date for the start of spring in the UK falls on 20th March. This is when the temperature begins to rise from the cooler winter temperatures we experienced in the first quarter of the year. You’ll see bulbs such as daffodils, bluebells and snowdrops begin to flower and show off their magnificent natural beauty.

Spring is also known as the rebirth of the natural world, where things that were once dormant in the winter months, begin to come back to life.

Spring Activities

Whether you’re heading off on a spring break for a weekend or longer, or you simply want to try something new, below is a list of just some of the activities you could be doing this spring;

Woodland Nature Spotting

If your holiday accommodation is near some woodlands, how about spending some time exploring the nature hidden within the woodland area? Can you spot any spring flowers starting to bloom? How many squirrels and other animals who call the forest home?

This is a great activity for nature lovers of all ages. For kids, you could create a game of who can spot the most animals or flowers. And for twitchers, how many species of bird can you spot?

National Trust Locations

If you’re a member of the National Trust, you could seek out any local National Trust places near where you’re staying.

Not only will your membership allow you entry into over 500 places, but will also provide you with a location ready and waiting to be explored. You could venture to one National Trust location that you’ve wanted to visit – but was too far away from home to visit for the day – but that is just around the corner from where you’re staying!

Kite Flying

Kite flying is one activity that’s loved by all ages, and can be done in many locations across the UK, whether that’s on a beach, on top of a hill or in a field. There’s just something about flying a kite that wakes up the inner child in us all and brings joy to the flyer and those around them.

Today, a wide array of kites are available to buy and fly, including animal themed, characters, and the traditional kite shaped kite.

All you need is a little breeze and away your kite will go up, up and away!