The pandemic got the worse of us and left us out of shape and feeling self-conscious and our appearance. To get back on track, many people started turning their homes into gyms, buying stationary bikes and other gym equipment.

Before venturing for spinning bikes for sale in Canada, let’s find out what are the differences between a stationary bike and a spin bike and see which one of those fits you the best! Let us delve deeper and find out more about all the gym equipment you might be needing to get that summer body back!

Cardio equipment has been widely popular between fitness instructors and athletes. Because of their affordable prices, people tend to look for smaller equipment, like stationary bikes or spin bikes. But which one of these fits your needs the best?

First things first, we must know the differences between a stationary bike and a spin bike. When it comes to cardio activity, the bikes that you have typically seen in a gym are stationary.

Stationary bikes are easy to use, and their purpose is to help you gain stamina, thus increasing your overall health. They can be used to build muscle strength and ease the process of weight loss.

If we are talking about spin bikes, then these bikes are a little bit more specific. Typically used for spinning fitness classes, the spin bike is the equipment used by athletes who participate in cycling competitions. They are more similar to regular bikes than stationary bikes and they let you train indoors when the weather does not allow you to do it.

Although professional cyclists use them for training, that does not mean you cannot use them! There are a lot of people who enjoy spinning as a part of their workout program, and that brings a lot of perks to the table!

Each of the two models has an option of increasing the resistance level, thus setting the level of difficulty of the workout. If you choose to increase it, the exercise will get a lot harder, and your muscles will need to work harder to complete it. The harder the exercise, the higher your heart rate will be, but keep in mind that the level of difficulty should be increased gradually to prevent accidents.

Besides the difficulty level, there is another thing that you can gradually increase for an effective workout: speed! However, this depends entirely on your stamina and your fitness level, and if speed is what you want, then both two models of bikes can achieve that.

If you find yourself to be easily bored during training sessions, then a spin bike might be the perfect fit for you. On this bike, you will have the option to stand up, thus opening the door to a whole new set of exercises that can be completed while you are training on the bike!

Stationary exercise bike

You will train the same groups of muscles on both bikes if you ride them standing down. However, once you choose to increase the difficulty of your workout and stand up on the spinning bike, there will be more muscles involved, such as the quads, the core, and the glutes!

If you want to lose weight, then you must know that the more groups of muscles involved, the more calories you burn! That means the spin bike is more efficient at burning calories than the regular bike, but that depends on the chosen difficulty level, too!

Sitting while training on the bike will not make a difference when it comes to burned calories but standing up requires a lot more strength to keep balance and you will see and feel the difference for sure! 

Having fun is another important factor when it comes to deciding what type of equipment you should buy next. Do you enjoy diverse fitness programs that can be found for free on the internet? Then, you should not waste a second more and start looking for a spin bike – we think that is the right choice for you!

We know how tough it might be for you to choose between a stationary bike or a spin bike! After all, it all comes down to your level of training. If you are a beginner, maybe you should consider starting with a stationary bike first to increase stamina and core resistance. Afterward, you can switch to a spin bike as it proves to be more effective in terms of weight loss and versatility!