It surely is very tricky to get men’s outfits right but it surely is worth it if you get the whole concept right. You might surf all the online shops and visit all the stores at the mall but it is highly possible that you did not get your hands on the outfit you really wanted. You should really go for a type of leather jacket first and then pick the rest of the clothing items one by one.

How about, you go for a men’s aviator jacket? These jackets are known to be a part of timeless fashion and without a doubt, every man should have one in their wardrobes. It is the perfect outerwear for transitional weather, winter, and fall. If you are someone who would want to put together outfits while using the same stylish outerwear more than once we should suggest that you pick the very flattering aviator jacket.

Aviator jackets have the power to take your clothing to the next level and make you stand out from the crowd. Everyone you see around you would have been wearing an aviator jacket every now and then, even though it is such a great part of the influential culture. However, some people might have no clue how to create an exceptional outfit with their aviator jacket.

To steer your mind away from the clothing clutter let us help you by telling you how you can style your aviator jacket. Let us hop right on to the styles that are going to suit you.

Handsome fashion man wearing an aviator jacket

Stepping Up Your Casuals

Even while dressing up casually every day you should be well aware that you want to dress casually and not boring. You should take out your aviator jacket to step up your casual dressing game. Go for your favorite denim jeans and a round neck, slim-fit t-shirt, over it wear your aviator jacket. Do not forget to wear sneakers with your look, and if you like add some hand bands to your wrists too.

Handsome fashion man wearing an aviator jacket

Make Turtlenecks Your Thing

Turtlenecks are off the charts as they have been on the next level of fashion for some time. What do you think about pairing two stylish clothing pieces together? Well, if you pair the turtleneck and aviator jacket together it is really going to help you slay your entire look, you just have to tweak here and there. Try picking the clothing pieces of the same color contrast to give yourself a bold look. With the turtleneck, denim jeans would look perfect, and surely the aviator jacket on top. Accessorize yourself a bit by adding a chain or two around your neck. You can wear leather or suede boots with the look and you surely are ready for a party.

The Hot Nerd Look

Some people love staying in different looks, being the cute people from the books whom every girl dreams about. Well, let us talk about the same look. Go for a tank shirt and sweatpants and pair it up with your aviator jacket. You can wear trainers or sneakers with them. Apart from the whole look, you can go for zero-powered glasses for a change and a beanie too. It is a simple yet powerful look that speaks for itself and girls surely love this kind of look.

Handsome fashion man wearing an aviator jacket

The Dressy Outfit

Thinking about red carpet outfits? Or something to wear to a party? We know exactly how you should dress up. Pick a clean look that is a standout and you know nothing can go wrong with it. Take out chinos, khakis, or semi-formal pants which fit you well, tuck in a slim fit, knitted sweater, and put on a flashy belt. Gel up your hair and wear your aviator jacket with it. Do not forget to wear your best watch to create an impression and for your footwear, you can wear loafers or oxfords.

Statement Shirts and Aviator Jackets

It surely is very hard to pull off a statement t-shirt as it does not match everyone’s vibe thus people do not prefer wearing it. While picking statement t-shirts do not go for bold prints or extra pop of color if you are trying to stay low-key. WIth your statement t-shirt go for ripped jeans, and if you are a racer, go for boots with this whole look. Finish it off by wearing an aviator jacket over your outfit.

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With our style guide, you might have a better idea about how you can style your aviator jacket. If you are willing to, then step out of your comfort zone to try these looks and if you have more ideas about how you can take it to the next level do try it out too. Do not forget to Black Friday deals of The Jacket Maker as you surely will love to have your favorite jackets with unbelievable discounts.