Taking the team out for a party on the town may be fun for everyone, but it doesn’t build up teams and create bonding as certain adventures would. Unfortunately, team building gets a bad rap for being boring or a waste of time, so you have to find something fun and exciting to change it up.

If you want to do something memorable while also having your team grow together, check out some of these team building exercises below. These are unique things that tend to be enjoyable for most people, and also promote working together and learning more about each other. 

Modern team building for the modern times is available right here in Los Angeles. 

Blue Pacific Yachting

Do you and your team want to look out on the ocean waves and enjoy some time on the water? Look at the Blue Pacific Yachting company. If you have experience with yachting, you can rent a boat and go out on your own, or you can request a charter to take you and your team through the waves. 

Enjoy the sun and smell the ocean breeze for a couple of hours or a few days depending on what you are looking for. 

If you want, you can even take classes so you and your team can learn how to yacht together. 

Fox in a Box

Escape rooms are another great choice. Fox in a Box in Los Angeles is an escape room that is perfect for the whole team. There are 23 different locations, and they have been open for nine years. 

There are nine different rooms as well, consisting of different difficulty levels and different group sizes. Fight against the Zodiac Killer, or work to escape from zombies in a lab. You can even help a long-lost traveler come back to life. 

Most of the rooms last an hour, so they don’t take up a lot of time. You can even do multiple rooms in a day if you want. Start off easy and increase in difficulty. Or, if you and your whole team have experience, do all the hard ones and see which one you can complete the fastest. 

If no one feels comfortable going out, there is a mobile version you can all plan together. Go and rent a space and play a bunch of games including an escape room. 

Fantastic Race

Want a mix of a sightseeing tour and an interactive mystery novel? The Fantastic Race is something unique for everyone to try. The race is all-inclusive. Get the clues, enter special venues, and get food and drinks during your trip. There are even prizes for those that win first place. 

No matter what time of the year it is, you can try out one of these races. There are two options for races in Los Angeles and one option in Santa Monica. They take about three to four hours to complete. 

Some examples of what you may be able to do during your race include visiting big destinations like the Chinese Theater or Disney Concert Hall, viewing hidden gems in the heart of the city, and visiting more than just the basic tourist spots. 

Teams will start in one location and then get a series of clues to keep them going. Each location will offer new clues. Sometimes the clues are hard, and sometimes they are easy. Other times, you may struggle just to find the clue in the first place. 

If you and your team get lost, don’t worry, you can call mission control and get clues or directions to your next destination. However, these calls come at a cost, so you should only do so when absolutely necessary. 

Stratus Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is your basic soccer, but with a twist. Everyone is dressed up in a giant inflatable bubble. It’s a team sport, and your whole team can be on one team, or broken up into two to compete against each other. 

It also has hints of football, as tackling is perfectly acceptable. Slam into each other while wrapped up in full bubble suits and hope you can stand back up after. 

There are options for kid and adult-sized bubble balls, so you can even get your teams and their families involved in the fun. There isn’t much chance of injury or even bruising thanks to the giant inflatable bubble balls. 

You have to pick a location to play, but the bubbles will come to you, so play wherever you and your team are most comfortable in the Los Angeles area. 

Rage Ground

If your line of work is stressful for your team, consider something like Rage Ground. Customer service work can make you feel proud when you get to help others, but these jobs can also be frustrating when you have to deal with people who don’t always know what they want or are looking for. 

Rage Ground allows you and your team to vent some of that anger. It is a room designed to let you break and destroy anything you want. You get tools like pipes, bats, mallets, and full protective gear. Then you can use these tools to destroy all sorts of objects, including vases, furniture, computers, printers, lunch boxes, bread boxes, mirrors, chairs, red tubs, and so much more. 

Work with your team to break bigger items, and take turns throwing and smashing stuff. Anyone can show up and almost everything, except for close-toed shoes, is provided, so it is easy to get the whole group involved. 

team playing a sport

Four to 15 people can easily go together for a team exercise. 

If you are taking your team to Los Angeles and you don’t want to worry about everyone getting around, look at getting group transportation. Los Angeles group transportation options allow you to have up to 55 people in one vehicle so you can get your team and all of their belongings around without having to worry about where to park, or how everyone is going to get from place to place. 

Make a weekend out of it, and do a couple of different team building exercises in one go, so you ensure everyone gets to do something that they enjoy.