Global population statistics have been skyrocketing – and with more people comes more demand for electricity. This problem has left environmentalists, engineers, and biophilia scrambling for a safe electrical alternative.

The initiative is so powerful that most of the world’s countries have banded together and agreed that combating global warming needs to be a priority. And, with much work, the scientific communities have been producing incredible results.

Each year, “green” technology makes dramatic leaps and advancements. While the best techniques will typically require an electrician, there are many that you can acquire and install yourself. In this article, we will cover three new technologies that are crushing the green markets.

wireless energy monitoring application

Energy Monitoring Application

To have insight into how much energy you consume, you should install some wireless energy monitoring applications. The insights are compelling. With the right data, you can pinpoint which devices are the most significant energy dumps and thus regulate them.

Chances are, your electrical provider has access to some of these technologies and can offer you them as an up-sell. However, there is easier to access options other than the ones that your electricity provider provides.

Most energy monitoring applications (EMAs) are compatible with Android and iOS. The most commonly used EMAs are the Ego Smart Socket and App, Smart Thermostat, Google’s Nest, and Energy Star. As mentioned above, these apps will give you access to valuable data regarding your electricity bill.

The best part about these devices is that you can not only measure your energy savings, but you will know exactly how much usage you’re sparing the environment. Before energy monitoring applications, only your service provider had access to this valuable data, but now, you can too.

Heat resistant roof

Heat Resistant Roofing

Research has proven over and over again – cool roofs are amazing at reducing the temperature within the building. They also have the ability to reduce the heat caused by human activities in the urban area (Urban Heat Island Effect). The potential is massive. Research on the Urban Heat Island Effect has shown that electrical consumption can drop by as much as 15% with only roofing upgrades.

Normal roofs happily soak in sun rays, thus absorbing energy and transferring it to your house. Cool roofs work oppositely. They are crafted with materials specifically designed to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. In short, for hot, urban climates, there is no better roofing for your home or office.

solar panels

Solar Panels

Solar panels have become more accessible than ever. Technology has advanced, and prices have dropped. On top of that, the government offers rebates, tax cuts, and other forms of monetary compensation to homeowners who want to install solar panels. When it comes to solar panels, the biggest mistake is for you think you have to buy them alone. To find out what your state and local government offers, check out the government’s energy website.

Going solar will dramatically drop your electrical bill. And chances are, you will even generate more energy than you consume! The great news is that most companies will offer you the difference between your production and consumption as credits towards your next bill or debt payment.

But, not everyone wants large solar panels on their roofs.

There are other alternatives to solar – much smaller options. The monetization of solar panels has led to mini panels that you can stick to your office or kitchen windows and use for phone charging or even powering small devices. When you’re done with the panel, you just store it away.

So What’s Coming Up Next?

The passion for fighting global warming has led to the development of several energy reducing projects. It has also made many companies focus on optimizing their products to consume less electricity.

There are so many technologies out there in the works from more efficient electrical cars to electric trucks and wireless charging.

You, too, could join in the fight against global warming through electricity consumption reduction.

And let’s admit it: being eco-friendly is a lot more rewarding when you get to keep more money in your pocket. These technologies and the “green” revolution are all centered around saving consumers money while coming up with safer alternatives. All the techniques we mentioned here are incredible long-term investments money wise and planetary wise.