People are already becoming more and more conscious about what they wear. Some people are going for eco-friendly clothing, while others are keen on forward-thinking clothes that provide both functionality and comfort. This article delves a bit more into the latter, which is more commonly referred to as techwear.

Techwear in Brief

Techwear is a special kind of everyday wear that is made from a special fabric that brings forth breathability, movement, and comfort. Overall, it can make your life more convenient particularly because it can either allow you to carry more things or remain dry during heavy rainfall. The reason behind this is that techwear tends to be water-resistant. Apart from this, though, it is also odor and abrasion-resistant.

Popular Brands to Know

  • Enshadower

The best seller of Enshadower is their 3M reflective shirt which you will most likely find to be sold out, particularly when they provide discount deals to their customers. Apart from this shirt, though, they also offer a cobra jacket and charge coat which are usually on sale. When it comes to bottoms, this brand also offers 3M reflective shorts and concealer tactical jumpers, as well as paratrooper trousers. They also sell low-cut stealth sneakers.

  • Nosucism

Another brand that you can consider when it comes to functional and comfortable clothes is Nosucism. Their NS-03 pair of pants is considered to be a staple in any techwear wardrobe because it is designed for ease of movement. NS-03 is also made from quick-drying polyester fabric. They also offer other types of pants such as multi-pocket or pioneer pants as well as cropped pants. When it comes to shorts, they have pocket-waist ones and capacity shorts. When it comes to tops, their best seller is their diagonal pocket blazer and dip-dye jacket.

  • Whyworks

Whyworks is a young brand that is slowly making its name in the techwear realm. They offer various kinds of clothing, including tactical cargo pants and windproof cloaks. They also have a hip-styled hoodie. All of their products are not only waterproof, but they offer utmost comfort to the wearer as well. Even their jackets feature several waterproof and zippered pockets.

  • Catsstac

Catsstac is another brand that you can consider when you want to go for ultimate comfort without compromising functionality. You will most likely find 3M-striped cargo pants in their line of apparel. They also offer various types of shorts such as city shorts, Gotham samurai shorts, as well as drop-crotch terry knit shorts. When it comes to tops, they also offer a double-layer honeycomb tank, as well as a finite space jacket.

  • Acronym

This list won’t be complete without Acronym, which was founded in 1994 by Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh. This brand leverages innovative materials to enhance the capabilities of its apparel when it comes to waterproofing, flexibility, and thermal capacity. Because of this, they effectively bridge the gap between fashion and technology. They are popular for offering sportswear inspired by a cyberpunk culture.

  • Nike ACG

Nike ACG uses versatile materials to create apparel that features breathability, water repellency, and other advanced functionalities. Aside from creating innovative apparel for sports, their wardrobe also includes a line for casual streetwear. They also have a footwear collection with their sneakers featuring the VAC-TECH hot compression method. This makes the sneakers they offer ultimately comfortable for the users.

  • Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Shadow Project is an Italian brand that has been around for several years already. Their products have evolved over the years, which is why they are popular not only in the techwear realm but also in pop culture. They offer various types of apparel in the world of urban ready-to-wear section.

  • Riot Division

Finally, you should also get to know Riot Division which is a brand based in Ukraine. Their line is mainly inspired by military tactical clothing, and their tagline suits the rebels of the urban metropolis. The brand primarily focuses on the aesthetics of their garments, in as much as they also concentrate on its utility.

samuri techwear

If you want to feel more comfortable with what you are wearing without sacrificing the functionality of your clothes, then you better consider getting forward-thinking clothes. The brands of this type of clothing listed above are only some of the ones you can consider. There are various other top brands such as Cloudburst, which is established in Russia, or Damascus Apparel that offers a futuristic line of apparel. The key is in determining your specific needs and preferences for you to purchase the right techwear brand perfect for you.