Many people live in a house with a backyard. They can be used to host parties, have cookouts, and are great areas for the kids to run around and play. Is there any need to live near a park when you have everything you need in your yard? The answer is a resounding yes. 

Even if you bought one of the best house and land packages Officer, AU has to offer, you can still get a lot of benefits since they are near a park. No matter how big or beautiful your yard is, being near a park is going to be something that you and the family will enjoy and get a lot out of. 

In this article, we will go over several of the benefits that you can enjoy if you live near a park.

1 – Community

When you have a yard it only gets used when you invite people over. You’re also likely to only invite people that you know. They can be neighbors, friends from work, or family.

However, in a public park, people from all walks of life congregate there. This makes it an ideal meeting point for the entire community. No invitation is needed as people just come and go. As you go there on a regular basis then you will start seeing the same faces all the time and eventually start having a conversation. 

This is how communities are built and thrive as there is a common meeting point that brings people together. A strong community is one that can face hardships together and overcome a lot of civic problems. 

When everybody is isolated in their own bubble, then problems tend to develop and go unsolved since people don’t really know the others in the community. A public park takes care of that nicely. 

2 – Fresh air

A public park is a perfect antidote to a concrete jungle. It is a green oasis in the middle of the city or suburbs that features fields of grass and lots of trees. This acts as the lungs of the neighborhood as it breathes fresh air into the surroundings. 

Living near a park will have you feeling cooler temperatures in the summer and much better air quality all year round. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen which is what we need. 

3 – Mental well being

The fresh air, sense of community, natural scenery, and a place to go for walks all add up to the ideal place to increase your mental well-being. All the benefits combine to form a place where you can go and get your mind in order.

A quiet and natural space is ideal for getting out of the noise and rushing around normal life and taking it slow for a little while. The batteries get charged in a way that only nature can do and it is right on your back steps so you don’t have to go far to get it.