The dream of living in Los Angeles may be one that you have been thinking about for several years. Now that you are in a position to secure a job or enroll in a school in the area, it’s time to find a place to live.

Despite the general real estate situation in the United States, finding quality and affordable 1 bedroom apartments in Los Angeles is very much possible. Provided you are using the correct tools and platforms, you can easily see pictures of the places and the surrounding area, giving you a better idea of whether you would want to live in a particular apartment or house.

The issue for people who are moving to the LA area for the first time is knowing where to apartment hunt. You may know of great websites you can use to find apartment deals, but if you are unsure of where to live, your search may not be very successful.

Below is our rundown of the top three neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area in 2023. These are places where you can find affordable one- or two-bedroom apartments, comfortably commute to the downtown area, and enjoy the neighborhood vibes as well.

1. Hollywood

An iconic Los Angeles neighborhood situated in the central part of the city, Hollywood is the home of glitz, glamor, and celebrities. The intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue is often seen as the heart of this neighborhood, and that is usually where the most expensive properties are situated.

Finding a great place in the Hollywood area is not easy, as most people who move to LA with hopes of making it in the movie industry may want to live here. If you remain patient, search for new listings daily, and immediately send in your information when you do see an apartment within your price range, you can easily snag a great place in Hollywood.

2. West LA

In the Westside of Los Angeles, West LA offers a place that you can call home. It’s one of the quietest areas in the city, and one where you can usually find a great apartment close to all the amenities, and, most important of all, the beach! There are some great dining spots to be found in the area, so be prepared to eat out a lot if you’re lucky enough to live in West LA. 

LA neighborhood real estate3. Koreatown

A roughly three-square-mile region in Los Angeles, Koreatown is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse areas of the city. K-town is famous for its thriving Mexican and Korean communities, as well as countless nightclubs, 24-hour stores, restaurants, and other charming local hotspots for you to enjoy. 

Visitors to the city often gravitate towards Koreatown, especially as the sun sets, making it a vibrant and bustling place to live. If you are younger or prefer a more active neighborhood, you may want to keep a lookout for listings of one or two-bedroom apartments in your price range in Koreatown.

Settling into a new area

Whether you choose to live in West LA, Koreatown, Hollywood, or another part of Los Angeles, you may feel a little out of place in the first few days and weeks. Settling into LA after moving from another part of the country is never easy, as the city does have a very unique vibe and culture.

As you start your new job or college courses, think about setting aside a few days in the first weeks after you move to LA. Use this time to explore the local area, either by walking around or driving to local hotspots. This will help you relax, unwind, and take in the city’s atmosphere and culture without feeling the tension and pressure of needing to be at work in 20 minutes.

By finding a local coffee shop, scoping out the various grocery stores within walking distance, and seeing if there are any exciting neighborhood wine bars or cocktail lounges nearby, you can start to make this city feel like your home.

Los Angeles neighborhoodFind your new apartment online

The best place to apartment hunt in 2023 is through your smartphone or computer. Using the website of a top apartment lister, you can easily find a place for the short- or long-term.

Whether you are moving to the area permanently, or you are hoping to secure an apartment for the summer, you can use such sites to make a list of places in appealing neighborhoods.

Communicating with landlords and/or realtors is also a lot easier using online platforms. You can provide all the relevant information about yourself, apply for the apartment online, and schedule a viewing at your earliest convenience.