Thailand is one of the best countries to visit in Southeast Asia because of its spectacular beaches and ancient temples, which are very popular with locals and tourists alike. You can stay in the country for a couple of days, weeks, or even months, subject to what your passport and visa will allow. Due to the recent Covid pandemic, it is now a requirement that you get a pass to get into Thailand, this is to prove that you are either vaccinated or you have tested negative for covid, to get your pass head over to But before you embark on the journey in visiting the Land of smiles, below are some things and a few handy travel tips that you need to know.

Research about food to eat and places to wander

Traditional Thai cuisine is a delectable blend of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, giving their dishes a unique flavor. For this reason, make sure to explore local foods and research the best places where you can sample them. Aside from this, also explore the places that you can go to in the country because inevitably, you are not limited only to the standard tourist destinations that everyone is fond of.

Plan on your accommodation

You have the option of staying in a luxurious five-star hotel, and for sure, you won’t be disappointed. Conversely, you can also pick a hotel that is close to public transportation such as the BTS or MRT because this is a practical means that will allow you to move around better. In addition to this, consider a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast, but avoid the temptation of booking with complete meal packages because there are several places where you can eat authentic and tasty Thai dishes at a fraction of the cost.

Learn the language

English is a language that is widely spoken in most famous tourist spots, but learning the language will prove to be beneficial. The language experts behind the Ling App believe that being able to speak the local language will enhance your stay in the country since you will be able to unlock more opportunities to explore places off the beaten paths, discover exciting local cuisine, or see Thailand in a different light. This is particularly true if you are staying outside the tourist areas where English and other foreign languages are not very prominent such as the Issan or the least traveled region in the country. It is in these destinations wherein you will be able to experience the best that the country has to offer in its rawness.

Study the culture

One of the practices that are considered rude in Thai culture is eating straight from your fork. Thus, make sure to get rid of your spoon and just use your fork instead. Also, be firm in standing your ground instead of queuing up because falling in line is not a norm in the country. Another thing to remember is to keep mum about their king because for Thai people, it is of utmost importance to respect their royalty, and this involves not talking about them. All these are only some of the Thai practices that you need to be aware of, which is why it is essential to study their culture beforehand.

Use public transportation

For sure, you can take tuk-tuks but take them during the day because they offer a better view and scenery. At night, better get into a cab, but as much as possible, take the BTS or MRT instead because these are cheap, convenient, and fast modes of transportation that can get you places. You will be able to effortlessly understand the maps, as well as the token system, which is quite simple and efficient.

Keep a bug spray handy.

It is so lovely to stroll in the country wearing flip-flops. However, in doing so, expect your feet to be bitten, mainly when you are eating outdoors, in any season. Thus, make sure to carry around some bug spray, or if you are dining out, inquire in the restaurant because it is highly likely that they have one available for you.

Visiting Thailand

To wrap things up, make sure to research the food that you can try and the places that you can visit even before going to the country. In this way, you will be able to plan your trip accordingly. Also, plan on your accommodation, not only based on the duration of your stay but also based on the places you want to go to. Learn the language and study their culture, too, because this will give you an edge in terms of having a memorable stay in the country. When you finally land there, keep in mind to use public transportation and have a bug spray in handy.