Dubai, a globetrotter’s dream destination, seems to be getting bigger, brighter, and more alluring each year. For instance, Ain Dubai, the Eye of Dubai, which will be the largest Ferris wheel in the world, is expected to launch soon at Bluewaters Island. Needless to say, Dubai’s multi-pronged and megascale development projects keep the world on its toes and never cease to surprise the inbound tourists.

One of the best aspects of travelling to Dubai is the associated economic flexibility. You can plan a trip to Dubai from India on a limited budget or curate an extravagant itinerary with endless luxury. Despite being the World’s Shopping Capital and deemed the ‘Disneyland’ for adults, it might come as a surprise that Dubai offers budget-friendly tourism. With the correct planning and appropriate financial instruments, your upcoming Dubai trip can be both pocket-friendly and enjoyable.

Niyo Global Travel Card: Your Go-To Companion While Traveling to Dubai

It goes without saying that travelling to Dubai remains a tad bit incomplete without some splurging and shopping. Sheikh Mohammad’s objective of transforming Dubai into the world’s best luxury travel hotspot means there will be expenses, especially if you want to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife. Well, the best way to indulge in your Dubai trip and not worry about money is by saving on other facets of your travel, such as applying for a Niyo Global Travel card.

Simply put, Niyo Global is a highly specialized travel card that aims to make the global banking requirements for travel and studying abroad a seamless experience. Niyo is similar to an International Prepaid Card in the sense that you can load your Niyo Global digital savings account in INR and transact money in the local currencies of over 150 countries. In other words, while travelling to Dubai in the upcoming holiday season, you can use the Niyo Global card and top it up with INR, which will automatically convert to Emirati Dirham. Then, you can make transactions on your Dubai trip hassle-free, save money, and earn rewards.

Top 9 Benefits of Using Niyo Global for Transactions in your upcoming Dubai Trip

Some of the benefits of using Niyo Global while travelling to Dubai are –

1. You Save Money

When it comes to travelling to Dubai, you would ideally want to spend on things and experiences that you like and not on overhead fees, such as foreign transaction charges. Well, if you use an India-based Credit or Debit card abroad, you can expect a foreign transaction fee of anywhere from 3 percent to 5 percent on every transaction.

When you transact purchases using your usual Credit or Debit card abroad, the card issuer automatically does the currency exchange based on the spot exchange rate. However, in return for convenience, the credit company will charge an overhead fee. A surcharge of 3 to 5 percent may not seem too much at face value. Still, these small fees will add up on every card swipe (such as flight bookings, hotel bookings, shopping, commute, etc.) in Dubai and culminate in a gigantic figure, which may even touch the three/four-figure threshold.

However, Niyo Global combines the best features of a Forex card and an International Debit card to offer zero Forex markups. Thus, your transactions in Dubai are charged only the VISA exchange rates, and no other fee is involved. As a result, you will end up saving as much as 5 percent on every transaction you make in Emirati Dirham in Dubai. Moreover, you can divert your savings via Niyo to other more enjoyable experiences. So make sure you get the Niyo global card when travelling to Dubai.

2. You Earn Money

Niyo Global not only helps you save money but also earns money. The Niyo Global digital account offers to earn up to 5 percent interest per annum with a monthly payout. Thus, you can bask in Dubai’s exhilaration while your Niyo Global savings account continues to prosper.

3. Superior Convenience: Load in INR and Spend in Emirati Dihram or other 100+ Currencies in 150+ countries

The third benefit of using Niyo Global to exchange currency while travelling to Dubai is the infallible convenience. You do not have to worry about topping up your Niyo card with different currencies. All you need to do is load your Niyo account in INR, and the rest is taken care of. Furthermore, every time you use your Niyo card to make purchases in Dubai, it automatically converts the required amount from INR to Emirati Dirham, and the balance continues to earn interest.

Thus, you can spend hassle-free in Dubai as Niyo takes care of the transactions’ nitty-gritty. Likewise, Niyo Global also has one of the best acceptance rates, and you can easily use it across VISA-accepting merchants across Dubai. Hence, the last-minute issues of not having enough foreign currency are eradicated.

4. Your Money is Secure and Safe

Your money’s security and safety automatically become the primary concern when travelling to Dubai or any other foreign location, for that matter. Although Dubai is deemed one of the safest places for tourists, travelling with vast amounts of foreign currency is always troubling. Therefore, the prospect of losing money or being stolen is always at the back of your mind.

Likewise, the security features of a conventional ‘domestically-used’ Debit or Credit card might not be enough to stop experienced scammers with a history of targeting international tourists. But, when you opt for Niyo Global, security concerns become a thing of the past. With its top-tier security features, such as lock/unlock/block the card, Niyo keeps your hard-earned money safe. For instance, you can temporarily block the entire card or individual transaction methods, such as ATM withdrawals, card swipes, etc.

5. No Hidden Charges

International Debit and Credit are notoriously infamous for being discreet with their overhead charges. More often than not, you will come home to see a bill with many hidden charges that you did not expect when making purchases abroad. However, Niyo Global is one of the few travel cards with absolute transparency. So when you use Niyo Global at any PoS counter in Dubai, rest assured that there are no hidden charges. This way you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges while travelling to Dubai.

6. Real-time Transaction Tracking

A vacation to Dubai after months of toiling at the work desk is bound to sway anyone. Thus, it is easy to get into the flow of things, spend money recklessly, and exceed your travel budget by quite a margin. You can avoid such a difficult situation with Niyo’s real-time transaction tracking feature. It will send you alerts and notifications so that you are reminded of your purchases in a timely fashion. In addition, the real-time tracking feature also means that even an iota of discrepancy goes unnoticed, and the prospect of your card being hacked is eliminated. In addition, to help you keep track of your funds, all your transactions are always listed in local currency and updated in the Niyo app.

7. Travel Security

While travelling to Dubai in the upcoming holiday season, you do not have to worry about security and insurance. Why? Your Niyo Global account is insured for up to INR 5 lakhs under the ‘Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DIGGC),’ a wholly-owned subsidiary of the RBI.

8. Exchange Rate Lock-in Feature

With the value of the Indian Rupee fluctuating each day, it is understandable to be worried about your money’s value before a trip to Dubai. But don’t worry, as Niyo is here to help. The exchange rate lock-in feature of Niyo Global means that the INR loaded in your card is immune to currency fluctuations in the exchange rate market. For instance, when you load a card INR, the money is loaded at a fixed rate that cannot be changed. So, for instance, if you have loaded USD 1000 in your Niyo Global card, its value will remain the same irrespective of changes in the INR-USD exchange rate.

9. Withdraw Money in Dubai with Niyo’s ATM Locator

Finding an ATM can be difficult in an unfamiliar country. But, with Niyo Global’s Nearby ATM Locator feature, you can find an ATM from your Niyo application and take out cash immediately. Likewise, you can simply load money into your Niyo card and swipe it at any ATM in Dubai to withdraw Emirati Dirham at your whims and fancies.

So, there we have it, the top nine benefits of using the Niyo to exchange currency while travelling to Dubai.


Dubai is an excellent tourist destination, especially if you are planning to visit during winter. The soothing and comfortable climate, coupled with grand events, offers the experience of a lifetime. So, when you pack your bags to hop onto a plane for Dubai, do not forget to have your Niyo Global card handy. It is a travel companion that will streamline your vacation in the best possible way so you can have the time of your life.