Australia is often regarded as a harsh and at times hazardous country due to its climate and natural environment. In fact, many tend to equate Australia with extreme wilderness explorations and outdoor adventures and continue to buy into the stereotypical image of the rugged Aussie who has to have mad survival skills to live in such hostile conditions. After all, we’re talking about the home of Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin who have done a great job at showcasing the wild side of this wonderful continent. 

So, it’s no surprise that luxury travel is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Australia. But while there’s no denying that Oz can be somewhat rough around the edges, its harshness is mostly limited to the outback and the remote areas on the continent that are sparsely populated. As for urban settlements and the rest of the country, they offer all the amenities and comfort that you can find in any modern country. 

Now that we’ve finally put this myth to rest, let’s see where you should go and what you should do if you want to spoil yourself with a luxurious travel experience in Australia.  

Get a taste of the luxurious Australian lifestyle in Sydney

Boasting a variety of deluxe hotels, fine resorts, internationally acclaimed restaurants, and plenty of designer boutiques for those who love nothing better than to splurge while on vacation, the capital of New South Wales can be considered the epitome of Australian luxury. 

So, if you want to treat yourself to exclusive accommodation and fine dining, Sydney is the place to go. For a luxurious 5-star hotel experience with a modern edge and breathtaking views of the CBD skyline, you can stay at the Sofitel Darling Harbour, located right in the heart of Sidney. Alternatively, the Park Hyatt offers an equally impressive panorama of the city’s most famous landmarks and an exceptionally high level of service. 

As for dining options, you are spoilt for choice here, but if you’re looking for something truly special, the Mayflower is sure to give your taste buds the ultimate luxury treatment. And if Sydney serves as a departure point for your Australian adventure, don’t forget to book your flight in advance and check availability for airport parking in Sydney to make sure your trip goes smoothly. 

Explore the tropical paradise in Queensland 

If you love spending time in nature and are keen on outdoor adventures with a touch of luxury, it doesn’t get much better than Queensland. There are 1711 beaches, 1955 islands, tons of wonderful attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, and many luxurious resorts that will make your visit truly memorable. 

In Airlie Beach, the Peninsula and Marina Shores are known to offer the best accommodation, while offshore, Qualia and InterContinental Hayman Island Resort are great options for fantastic stays. If you have more money in your bank account than you can count, you can even rent your own island in Queensland. 

Immerse yourself in the magic of Uluru 

There’s an undeniable magnetism surrounding Australia’s famous monolith, which is a place of great spiritual and cultural significance for Indigenous Australians. Apart from the fascinating tales and myths connected to Uluru, this majestic formation is visually stunning, especially at sunset when the rock reflects mesmerizing shifting colors. You can admire this breathtaking phenomenon and take in Uluru’s magical scenery in style with a unique 4-hour dining experience at the Sounds of Silence.    

Pamper yourself at Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania 

If your Australian explorations have taken their toll on you and you feel the need to relax and recharge your batteries, the Cradle Mountain Lodge in Tasmania provides the perfect solution. 

Nestled in the Cradle Valley, near the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, this luxury wilderness retreat offers all the conveniences and comfort of a high-end hotel right in the heart of nature. Apart from the stunning views and relaxing atmosphere that you get to enjoy in this fairy-tale-like place, you can benefit from an in-house Waldheim Alpine Spa that’s going to revitalize your senses and restore your balance.  

Sip a cup of tea at COMO The Treasury in Perth 

If your Australian journey takes you to Perth, you should absolutely stop by COMO The Treasury for a cup of tea. Wondering what’s so special about having tea here? Well, COMO The Treasury is an award-winning hotel set in an exquisitely renovated 19th-century redbrick state building in the heart of Perth’s historic district. So, you get to indulge in beautifully brewed tea and delicious pastries in the most elegant setting that you can imagine, surrounded by wonderful art and traces of history all around. 

Travel tips to keep in mind 

While there are countless other locations that can offer you unforgettable luxurious experiences, we’re going to let you discover the rest and offer some final tips that you need to keep in mind when visiting Australia.  

For starters, you need to be aware that Australia is huge and covers a large range of climate zones. September to November and March to May are the best times to visit Australia since the weather is milder and you can travel more comfortably. 

You also need to keep in mind that airports in major cities are extremely busy all year round, so booking flights early and using a service like can save you a lot of trouble and money. 

If you’re visiting Australia during summer months, don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreen, and cover yourself up to protect yourself from the glaring sun. 

As for service customs, tipping is not considered a common practice, so there’s no expectation to tip service workers, but you can do it if you want to.  

Lastly, you should look into visa requirements to make sure you have all your documents in order before you start planning your trip so you can be able to rest on the place and feel great upon your arrival. 

As you can see, Australia has a lot to offer in terms of luxury travel, so all you have to do is explore the destinations you want to visit and choose the experiences that appeal to you the most. 

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