Every year, many new perfumes are launched. Keeping track of them is very difficult for most customers. Buyers often do not know what to look for and which scents they like. In this article, we explain what to look for when buying perfumes and which are currently best rated. So off to the nearest department store and try diligently!

What needs to be considered when choosing the right perfume?

When looking for a new perfume, you should first determine which fragrances are suitable for you. Most stores distinguish between fruity, floral, fresh, aromatic, oriental, and citrus perfumes. Furthermore, the durability of a fragrance is quite important. The best strategy is to apply several perfumes to a test strip in a department store and clearly mark with a pen which was applied on which strip. Often, a fragrance smells quite different immediately after application than it does a while later. Some fragrances evaporate more quickly. Before a fragrance is purchased, it should be applied once again on the wrist because mixed with your own body odor, perfume can also smell different. For vegetarians and vegans, there is a lot to consider when choosing a suitable fragrance because many perfumes contain animal ingredients such as musk, castoreum, or amber. In addition, many major brands conduct animal testing which you prefer not to support as an animal lover. Therefore, perfumes from natural cosmetic retailers are best. Hence, there are a few things to consider before buying a perfume. Below, we present the best-rated perfumes for female customers in 2022. 

Casino Rouge by Dorall perfume CollectionCasino Rouge by Dorall Collection

Casino Rouge is a fragrance with diverse notes of cassis, clementine, wild orchid, nectarine, musk, orange blossom, woods, and amber, creating a floral and fruity scent at the same time. The durability of the perfume is quite well so that one application in the morning lasts the whole day. If the perfume’s distinctive name inspires you to try your luck at gambling, you can do it from the comfort of your own home by visiting one of the many online casinos available. These internet services can be accessed via a laptop or through smartphone apps. Comparison portals assist in locating the best sites as well as providing a beginner’s guide. They are completely free and provide the greatest venues and conditions, including free spins and money, with only one click. It remains to be seen whether the perfume is a good luck charm.

American Cream by Lush perfume

American Cream by Lush

The British cosmetics retailer operates many stores worldwide. In addition to shower gel and soaps, Lush also produces perfumes. Lush mainly uses natural ingredients such as essential oils. The brand’s products are cruelty-free and are tested on volunteers instead of animals. The products are suitable for vegetarians and most are even vegan, like the fragrance American Cream. The perfume has scents of vanilla, clary sage, and benzoin resin and is comparable to the smell of a strawberry vanilla dessert. There is also the American Cream conditioner and Marshmallow World bath bomb to match. The perfume is available in two sizes – 30 ml cost 35 euros and 100 ml 70 euros. The scent is long-lasting and pleasant – an absolute must for friends of natural cosmetics and animal welfare. 

La Vie est Belle Soleil Crystal perfume by Lancome

La Vie est Belle Soleil Cristal by Lancôme 

The new edition of the bestseller combines an exciting composition of iris, patchouli, and bourbon vanilla in the base notes, coconut, orange blossom, jasmine ylang-ylang in the heart notes, and bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper in the top notes, and supposedly smells like the first warm rays of sunshine in spring. The classy bottle is adorned with a delicate bow and features a sparkling transparent bottle, staging the new edition of Lancôme’s iconic Eau de parfum as the perfect gift. The warm fragrance notes, long-lasting durability, and unusual packaging definitely make the scent worth buying. 

Alien Mugler Eau de Parfum

Alien Goddess by Mugler

Alien Goddess by Mugler is a very feminine perfume with a floral-sweet scent. The women’s perfume brings floral notes of grandiflorum jasmine and the warm touch of white vanilla into a unique composition. The fragrance exudes the beguiling aura that you would imagine an Alien Goddess to have. The golden bottle looks high quality and sparkles in the sun. This not only excites the nose, but the beautiful appearance also beguiles the eye. In the interest of sustainability, the perfume can even be refilled.