Whether you want to cut your long hair into short manes or you need to upgrade your cropped hair and give it a fresh look, an inverted bob haircut is the best way to achieve that. The haircut, which incorporates a long front and a short back are both flattering and elegant on any face shape. Inverted bob hairstyles are also very versatile and suit women with any hair type and texture.

To look great on this style, all you have to do is choose the right style for you. This is where we chip in; to help you come up with the right inverted bob haircut that you will be proud of. Simply choose what interests you more and carry the picture to the salon and tell your stylist to give you that look. I am sure you will love it. Here are some options to consider.

Bob Haircut

Long Inverted Bob.

If you are reluctant about cutting your long hair to rock an inverted bob haircut, then you can try a long-inverted bob. In this cut, the manes at the back are styled short while front hair is kept long. Besides, this kind of styling your hair gives you an opportunity to style your hair in different styles, and you can make it shorter once you feel like.

Short Inverted Bob.

This style is excellent for women who like cropped cut. The look can also be easily tailored to fit your face shape. You can also decide whether to go for a middle part or a side part and whether you need to include bangs. What freedom!

Layered Inverted Bob.

Searching for ways to make your inverted bob haircut look modern? Choose to add choppy layers. The inclusion of layers to the back and the front of your head can, without a doubt, create more volume and help you achieve a contemporary appeal for your style. Just don’t forget to style the layered style using soft waves if it looks too round and perforated when worn straight.

Inverted Bob and Bangs.

Well, many women thought that it was impossible to include bangs in their inverted bob. That was not true. For a bolder take on your inverted bob, consider the inclusion of bangs in your style. When matched with a side fringe, this crop haircut looks appealing and ridiculously cute. While you may also choose full front fringe, you may also think about a middle fringe to achieve a soft style.

Bob Haircut

Curly Inverted Bob.

There is absolutely no justification to avoid a cropped curly inverted bob simply because your hair is naturally curly. Short curly hair appears exciting in different styles. The only thing you should opt for is to get the right style for you. If you need to reveal your natural curls and great volume, you can, therefore, choose curly inverted bob haircut. The bob will leave your hair looking gorgeous and lively.

Medium Inverted Bob.

For a beautiful and feminine take on the old inverted bob, choose this medium bob. To achieve this look, let your hairdresser trim the hair at the front and finish it some inches past the chin and then blend the hair shorter at the nape.

Stacked Inverted Bob.

It is true all bobs involve stacking of the hair. However, the degree of stacking varies from one bob haircut to another. For instance, this one is massively stacked compared to the other inverted bobs. So, if you are looking for a sharper and more polished look, choose this inverted bob with a more visible stacked layer. Besides, you can tell your hairdresser to continue with the stacking starting at the front to the back.

Long Inverted Bob and Bangs.

This inverted bob haircut is suitable for ladies who are attention grabbers. It makes you stand out from the crowd, and it will play that role quite well. It has sharp lines and deep angles that are quite striking and stylish.