By definition, information technology is the use of computers to process, create, retrieve, exchange, and store data. While this may seem confusing read-aloud, technology dictates pretty much everything in our lives these days. It affects how we communicate, socialize, entertain, study, and exist.

There’s no sector that the rise of IT hasn’t impacted, the gambling industry included. Tech advances brought lots of improvements in various aspects of the iGaming experience. From improving safety and fairness to elevating the game quality, online casinos are eternally indebted to IT.

If you care to learn more, stay tuned. In this article, we will see how technology made everything better, at least when it comes to the gambling industry.

Security and Fairness

We can’t start with anything else besides security and fairness because these two are the main concerns of gamblers. Yes, users can check any trusted online casino directory or read reviews to discover trusted brands. Yet, for such trusted casino sites to even exist, we have the technology to thank for that.

Technological solutions like SSL encryption, for instance, gave players much-needed peace of mind. With encryption, customers know that their personal and financial data is 100% safe and secure. So, they don’t have to freak out every time they need to enter anything besides their email address when registering with a gambling site.

As for fairness, the concept goes even deeper. There are software and independent auditors that use IT solutions to test and approve the fairness of casino games. The times wondering whether that outcome was rigged or not are in our past, thanks to strict standards and even stricter investigation practices enabled by the IT industry.

Payment Solutions

Gambling is all about staking real cash and winning real money. That’s not possible without the help of reliable payment methods. Users first need to upload money to their casino accounts, and then, if they get lucky, they need an equally reliable banking method to withdraw their winnings. Again, solutions like e-wallets, crypto, prepaid vouchers, and online banking services made depositing and withdrawing straightforward processes. None of them would exist without the rise of technology.

Here, we’d like to highlight the fantastic concept of BankID and Pay N Play casinos. Namely, this tool makes it possible for users to make instant online banking deposits to casinos just by entering their online banking details. All the data is then transferred in the background, and players don’t even need to register for a casino account. This is one of the many tech wonders that provide safety but also convenience to gamblers.

Improving the Player Experience

Information technology is, in its essence, about data. And data is pretty much the most valuable thing in the world these days, especially to those who know how to use it. Both online and land-based casinos can collect tons of user data by implementing the right solutions. This can be beneficial to both operators and users.

How you may wonder. Well, when operators understand their users, they can better market their services to them. Customers, by contrast, get an elevated and personalized experience. For instance, with the correct data, a casino can provide the most popular games and remove titles that players obviously dislike. They can also give personalized promotions, rewards, and perks as they’ll know what their customers love. Again, users benefit by getting exactly what they want and how they want it.

Helping Regulators

Players from the UK can legally gamble at casino sites with a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The same applies to Swedish users and Americans, whose operators must have appropriate permits. IT solutions help regulators restrict access to illegal sites and, therefore, protect users and prevent illicit gambling activities.

Moreover, IT tools play a huge role in implementing anti-money laundering and underage gambling prevention practices. Thanks to Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures based on tech solutions, casino operators can check customers’ age and location. This minimizes the dangers of underage gambling. They can also run affordability checks and request income proofs to ensure their users aren’t taking advantage of their platforms.

Drives Innovation

Finally, we must mention how the IT innovations and possibilities drive innovations in the gambling industry, too. As game providers, for example, get better and smarter ways to unleash their creativity, users get much better games. Think of all those unique features and mechanics like the cascading symbols or the Megaways concept. None of that would be possible without the technology needed to bring it to life.

And obviously, the games themselves aren’t the only ones affected by the information technology advances. We have mobile gambling, for example. Again, this extremely popular concept wouldn’t even exist without the technology behind it. The same can be said for virtual reality gambling, which is slowly spreading its wings lately. You can thank IT for being able to put on a VR headset and fully immerse yourself in your favorite activity.