Back pain is among the most common complaints patients come with at outdoor clinics. A sedentary lifestyle, use of devices, incorrect posture, and lack of exercise and strengthening movements all play a role in triggering back pain among people. However, it is estimated that a lot of back pain problems are even genetic in nature or have some nutritional link such as deficiency of vitamin D or calcium, and it also might be possible that back pain might be a result of taking too much stress, especially when you are required to do most of the mental work while remain seated at a desk.

Fortunately, back pain management is now more than just taking painkillers, which ultimately leads to desensitization of the pain and GI problems such as acidity and gut dysbiosis. In this condition, it is important to recognize that you want to get your symptoms checked by a healthcare professional, and if the problem persists, your doctor might recommend you get tests for your back to check the real problem. In this case, MRI and X-rays might help.

Back pain can seriously affect your mobility and induce a functional disability by limiting your range of motion. So, it is highly important to take a multidisciplinary approach to maintain the treatment.

PEMF Therapy as Option

Luckily, there are better options coming on the market to treat chronic back pain. For example, PEMF or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is a good way to treat the problem from within.

Let’s understand the mechanism behind it. At first, the back pain is a direct indication of your muscles being inflamed or your joint being damaged. If there is a muscle injury, it is better to consult with a healthcare practitioner and get it checked whether you want to have PEMF or not.

PEMF works by sending electromagnetic oscillations to the depths of your muscles. So, at a microscopic level, your muscles are stimulated and get heated from these vibrations. As they become more heated as a result, you ultimately see a better result. The muscles are soothed and are no longer stressed. You don’t feel that your range of motion is limited.

How to Do PEMF Therapy?

The most common way to attain the treatment is that you lie flat on the PEMF mat. The PEMF mat contains specific substances that work together to provide programmed oscillations at a microscopic level. After that, you will be able to feel your muscles get more relaxed that way.

However, you want to make sure that you are doing this on a routine basis, as doing it only now and then will only give you minimal results. If you want the best results, it is recommended you adjust the frequency of the device at a specific setting and then give vibrations to your affected area for a time. The best results can be seen around six weeks after the start of the treatment.


Many people fail to get to the main cause of the back pain they are having, which may lead to mismanagement. It might be possible that you are having, let’s say, a fracture in your coccyx, but for the management, you are getting ultrasound therapy for months. It will not do anything to help you. So, medical imaging results have a critical role in deciding whether you want a specific treatment for your back pain or not. Then, you may want to go to a specialist who is more aware of the situation, like an orthopedic surgeon, in this case.

Final Word

Back pain is getting more and more common in developing and developed countries. It is because we are getting more sedentary by the day and have more stressful screen-based jobs. Also, we don’t pay much attention to the nutrition we are dealing with. All of these things lead to the possible prevalence of back pain. However, there are many pain management tips and tools for this condition. PEMF therapy comes as a promising treatment plan for back pain management, especially if the root cause pertains to the muscular root. In other conditions, you might want to get advice from a professional who will understand your condition in a better way.

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