The rise of social media and the perfectly curated feed has a massive influence on the way we see our bodies. This is only amplified by the “Instagram Vs. Reality” trend that has been doing the rounds over the past year or so. 

This trend, being posted by both Instagrammers and normal people alike, shows two photos side by side; one photo is a posed and perfected image showing their best self, the second being a much more realistic and lifelike pose. The objective of this is to demonstrate that what we see on our screens is not a real snapshot of people’s lives. 

Whilst it’s impossible to imagine a life without social media, some people argue that this would be much better for our mental health. After all, based on a study conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health, one of the dangers of Instagram (and social media) is mental health problems. It affects everybody who spends too much time browsing polished pictures on IG. However, the increase in people’s bodies in far more realistic poses and with fewer filters, showing all their “flaws.” Where realistically, these are just the things that make everyone unique. As a fashion model, Halima Aden said, “How boring would this world be  if everyone was the same.”

every body is beautiful

The “body positivity” and “body confidence” movements are also on the up; while they were started by and for different types of bodies, they both have a similar theme in body acceptance of self-love and self-worth. Both terms are regularly hijacked by the beauty and diet industry. 

Sometimes these terms can elicit a very strong response if someone mentions wanting to lose weight, whether for aesthetic reasons or health. The real empowering message should be to accept our bodies for whatever reason we want, for all our imperfections, and for any improvements we want to make. 

There is a massive correlation between body image and mental health, and it is being talked about more and more every day. And if losing weight is something you have always struggles with, then there are many alternative methods and resources to start your journey. The most important thing is that you are happy with yourself. 

Many influencers and bloggers who once added to the culture of only posting perfect, filtered photos are now changing their behaviors to show their bodies in a more relaxed and relatable way. Helping to show women all around the world that their bodies are normal and should be celebrated.

Although the battle to normalize imperfections is far from over, it’s very important that the conversation is happening and is making a positive impact on people and the way they portray themselves on the internet.