What Factors Influence the Price of Cannabis?

The 5 Most Expensive Cannabis Strains in the World

The Pricier, The Better 

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking to take your experience a notch higher? Check out some of the most expensive weeds in the world.

Though these strains are pricey, their high THC induces sensational feelings worth every cent. 

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Are you willing to spend more for the best experience? Keep reading to discover the five most expensive marijuana cultivars in the world.

What Factors Influence the Price of Cannabis?

The cannabis industry trends show that people are becoming more enlightened about substances, and the industry is growing. Certain types of cannabis have become ubiquitous in pop culture like the cookies weed strains. while many others remain hidden gems. Curious about what affects marijuana prices? 

There are several factors to take into account. These include: 

Is It Legal or Not?

If you’re buying weed in states that have legalized it, the price is typically lower than in regions where the government prohibits it. When marijuana is permitted, the supply increases as more people can cultivate and sell it. 

In states where weed is illegal, the prices are higher due to the risk involved.

The shipping cost from legal states to these areas also affects the selling price. 

Cost of Production

Before setting a price, businesses must calculate the cost of production. This figure includes the licensing, labor, and shipping fees. 

The dispensaries must pay the state and local taxes imposed on weed sales. These vary from one location to another and significantly influence cannabis prices. 

Dispensaries must package the buds in child-resistant containers, and retailers can set weed prices accordingly. 


The most expensive weed strains are usually of the highest quality. Various factors like growth and harvesting techniques affect the quality of marijuana. Indoor-grown cannabis is typically more expensive due to costs like lighting and watering. 

Indoor-grown cannabis is also of high quality, and farmers usually keep weed diaries to track the crop’s development. They then adjust their cultivation strategies accordingly and produce premium buds worthy of the highest bidder.

The 5 Most Expensive Cannabis Strains in The World

Now that you understand what influences the prices of marijuana, you might be curious to discover which strains command the highest price. 

Let’s find out the five most expensive weed cultivars in the world. 

White Fire OG

The White Fire OG is the offspring of The White and Fire OG. The cultivar is known for producing creative, energetic, and relaxing effects. It’s also called WiFi, WiFi Kush, or WiFi OG in 420 circles. 

This strain has a high THC value offering a range of 24%–28%, contributing to its high price. If you’re stressed, White Fire can help you unwind and leave you feeling uplifted. 

Take a toke to enjoy an earthy, pepper, and citrus taste with a diesel aroma. This Indica-dominant hybrid is ideal for growing indoors and offers high yields of over 23 oz. /m2

Isla OG (Canned Cannabis)

If freshness is among your top considerations when buying weed, Isla OG is the ideal premium option. This Indica-dominant strain is packed in aluminum cans after trimming to cure, which ensures that consumers get it fresh. 

Isla OG became famous after Rapper 2 Chainz featured it on a YouTube series. The hybrid has an average THC content of 24.5%, but levels can reach 27%. 

This strain induces a relaxed and creative feeling as you enjoy its musky, citrus flavor.

Loud Dream

The Loud Dream, a product of backcrossing Blue Dream F1, is among the world’s most expensive weed strains. 

This Sativa-dominant cultivar features an average of 14% THC content. Health users often take it when feeling anxious or depressed, claiming that it assists with the symptoms. 

It gives off a lavender scent and has a sweet flavor, with spicy and earthy notes. 

The Loud Dream strain induces a giggly and happy mood and leaves you feeling energetic and focused. Cultivating Loud Dream is straightforward as it’s a pest, mildew, and mold-resistant plant. 


What is the most expensive weed? While this varies from region to region, Oracle always makes the list. 

It’s a high-end weed strain, offering sky-high sensations. Many believe its THC content reaches 45%, but the cultivar is CBD dominant. 

Due to the high CBD levels, Oracle could offer you more medicinal value than mental buzz. It has a sweet herbal aroma mixed with a sugary and skunky flavor. 

A similar strain with a more reasonable price tag is ACDC, which is also CBD-dominant.

Cannabis Caviar 

Cannabis Caviar tops the list as the most expensive weed in the world. Wondering what makes it command the highest price in the market? 

This strain has the highest THC levels, inducing a high with a few hits. You make Cannabis Caviar by soaking high-quality marijuana in hash oil. 

Hash oil has about 30–80% THC levels, while high-grade marijuana has 5–20%. When mixed, it forms the Cannabis Caviar with up to 90% THC value. 

Cannabis Caviar offers you a happy, relaxed experience. 

The Pricier, The Better

As you’ve noted, the pricier the cannabis, the better the experience. The world’s most expensive weed typically has a high THC value and medicinal properties to give you the best feeling and health benefits. 

Next time you shop for weed, take things up a notch and order an expensive strain for a buzz unlike any other.

Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is an American writer, educator, activist, and award-winning cannabis cultivator and breeder specializing in veganic cultivation. He is a representative of Homegrown Cannabis CO company, has been a contributor for over 20 years, and has taught courses in advanced horticulture at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, and across the United States. Kushman also hosts a cannabis podcast called “The Grow Show with Kyle Kushman”.