Whether you’re a professional or a casual player, you’ll appreciate a system that can deliver excellent graphic display without lagging. Fortunately, several cutting-edge gaming PCs are designed to deliver amazing gameplay regardless of the game you choose. Here the world’s most glamorous gaming PC made with RAF standoffs to enjoy and take advantage of on the Daily Free Spins No Deposit at your favorite casino alongside other video games. 

The 8Pack OrionX

This $30,000 gaming system is the world’s best PC for gamers looking for both power and elegance in a single unit. The PC features a 10-Core i7-6950X Intel processor and an Intel Core I7-7700K processing unit on the secondary system. Even better, OrionX packs four NVIDIA GeForce TiTanX graphic cards for the best quality images without lagging. 

The 8Pack OrionX gaming PC packs 48GB of total gaming memory, giving you super-fast computation power. You also have 64GB of primary memory and an extra 16GB of secondary memory. Additionally, this state-of-the-art gaming PC comes with a single 1.2 TB SSD hard drive from Intel’s 750 series, paired with 2 SSDs with a single terabyte each.

This elegant gaming set comes with intelligently assembled cooling loops that look professional and perform exceptionally well by maintaining a standard inside temperature. You get a total of three liquid loops customized for optimum performance. Even better, there’s an impressive number of LEDs.

Most parts included in the 8Pack OrionX are customized, which explains its premium price. The PC’s most impressive feature is its ability to hold two excellent quality systems on a single chassis, each with tremendously fast processing hardware. You can even use one of the systems as a workstation while others take care of your apt gaming needs.

Beauty and Lighting Features

This giant gaming beauty comes with an admirable interior, filled with amazing lighting, customized coolants, and fan grills, and RAF standoffs to keep everything secure and in place. Its Intel i7-6950X processor alone will cost you about $1370, while the four NVIDIA GeForce TitanX graphics cards are worth around $4,400. 

Other accessories featured in this system include three 27-inch 1080P HD monitors, wireless headphones, and a keyboard. The system can easily dish out 2,000 MB/Sec data, with the secondary system packing an excellent motherboard known as the Asus ROG Strix Z270I mini-ITX series. The system boasts of 5.1 GHz overclocking through an Intel 17-7700K processor, with both systems delivering an outstanding 24TB storage. 

Besides the great storage space and cooling system, the graphics cards are another kicker in the system. After all, good graphics cards are among the key features of a quality gaming system. Unlike most traditional gaming systems, the builders made sure to include the most powerful NVIDIA Titan X Pascal Graphics card on the market. 

Bottom Line

As seen, the 8Pack Orion X is a powerful gaming PC that packs two systems in a single unit. The primary system is excellently assembled for intensive workloads like computational operations or rendering, while the second caters to the gaming crowd. It’s no wonder the Orion X ranks as the world’s most expensive gaming PC.