The world of men’s fashion is developing incredibly dynamically. Men are eager to follow trends and their tastes are becoming more and more demanding. Properly chosen footwear is a perfect addition to a man’s image. If you don’t know what model to choose, go for classic loafers.

Men’s loafers are comfortable shoes that are perfect for spring and summer, and even early autumn. They match many outfits, both classic and modern. The most popular models of loafers are penny, Belgian, and horse-bit. Find out how to wear them in order to create a unique look.

The Phenomenon of Penny Loafers

Loafers are a kind of slip-on shoes that are considered to be one of the most comfortable models of footwear. Men have appreciated the comfort of using them for many years and they are still very popular. The most popular model of men’s loafers is penny loafers, which are particularly popular among Italians. However, their origin lies in the United States and their history dates back to the mid-1930s. The name comes from a one-cent coin, called the penny, which was placed behind a strap sewn on the upper of the shoe. Although today penny loafers break popularity records in Italy, a few decades ago they were most loved by the American student community. Over the years, men from different professions started wearing them, not only in North America.

Penny loafers are distinguished by a classic sole and a small heel. The best models are constructed using the Blake or Goodyear method. Their characteristic feature is a strap placed at the height of the instep. Although modern styles may even have a double strap, their traditional form has remained unchanged. Penny loafers present themselves best in casual outfits, although they can also be used elegantly. However, if you wish to avoid a fashion blunder, do not wear them with evening outfits and formal suits. This model is best suitable for summer and airy outfits, and even for streetwear fashion.

What Distinguishes Belgian Loafers?

Belgian loafers are another model from a remarkable family of loafers. These shoes are characterized by a sewn-on bow on the upper part. The vamp resembles the shape of an egg, and the sole is usually made of thin and soft material. What particularly distinguishes Belgian loafers is a non-standard way of manufacturing. The upper is sewn from the inside, and after it is finished, it is flipped to the right side. The first models were created in Belgium in the early 1940s. Fans of fashion believe that the Belgian version is the most original and extravagant model of loafers. 

Just like penny loafers, the Belgian models look best with casual styles. You can wear them with a summer suit or chinos. They are perfect for social meetings, as well as a complement to everyday outfits for work in the office. The best models are made of natural leather, but a real fashion hit is Belgian loafers made of suede. Most often they come in classic colors of beige, black, and navy blue. If you are looking for perfect loafer sneakers for yourself, you can find them on Marc Nolan’s website, the manufacturer of brand-name shoes.

Horsebit Loafers – Original Shoes with a Buckle

A less popular but equally interesting model is horse-bit loafers. Unlike the previously described models, they appeared most recently, in the 1950s. Although the world was already familiar with moccasins similar to these, there was still something that could be changed to slightly break the footwear routine. This is when the buckle associated with a horse harness, from which the model took its name, was placed on the loafers. A real revolution began, which quickly moved from New York to Florence and then back to its home country. Today horse-bit loafers are worn by men all over the world and their unusual design still catches the eye and sometimes even arouses controversy.

Horsebit loafers can be worn every day and on special occasions – it all depends on the style in which you feel best. They will be a perfect match with woolen pants, as well as with everyday suits and classic jeans. Due to their construction, you can wear them even in mild winter. Match them with fashionable thick socks, but avoid flashy decorations such as stripes and dots. We recommend models made of natural leather in classic colors (navy blue, black). If you like fashion challenges, choose horse-bit loafers with a woven pattern imitating a straw braid.