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First introduced as the main character in Ian Fleming’s novel Casino Royale, James Bond soon became an institution and cinema icon, with 25 films in the James Bond Franchise. As evident from the title, Casino Royale, the first Bond novel, centered around a casino. Many of the subsequent books and movies also featured exciting and dramatic scenes set in casinos.

Watching the James Bond movies can easily whet your appetite for the action and thrill of gambling. From Baccarat to Poker, the Agent 007 character is famous for being daring and lucky at the table. For the present, if you want to play these games for real money at casinos, check through all British casino review to find the right online casinos for you. You can also find benefits like fast withdrawals and exciting payouts at some of the beste google pay casino In addition, they typically provide live casino features that simulate the experience and atmosphere of being in a live casino, very similar to the ones in the classic Bond movies!

Now that Daniel Craig has made his final appearance in the Bond Franchise with the release of No Time To Die in September 2021, there has been wild speculation on who will take on the role next. With many online casinos now offering betting markets for entertainment gambling, you can even try your luck betting on who the next James Bond actor will be. If you’re a Bond fanatic and up to date with the latest news on the franchise, you can actually win exciting prizes and real money.

James Bond’s sophisticated and classy fashion style is just as legendary and iconic as his skill as a spy and womanizer. Merely mentioning his name evokes the image of a polished and dignified tuxedo with a smoking gun. Not only is the character known as the original men’s fashion influencer, but the movies have also given rise to a whole fashion style known as the Bond Fashion style.

And so, we’ve gone through the Bond archives to bring you the most stylish looks the British secret agent has worn in the movies. Selecting a few picks from the movies, we’ll go through the suave and elegant fashion sense of James Bond.

Here are some of our favorite stylish looks donned by the iconic and dapper Secret Service Agent 007:

Anthony Sinclair’s Conduit Cut

Sean Connery wore this light grey mohair and two-piece wool suit in the first-ever James Bond movie Dr. No (1962). It was featured in the scenes at Puss-Feller’s club in Jamaica.

Connery wore a white shirt from Turnbull and Asser, which helped focus so much on the suit while accentuating his clean-shaven look. He also wore a dark navy-blue grenadine tie from Turnbull and Asser and finally completed the ensemble with black calf three-eye let cap-toe Derbys.

One catchy thing about the suit is the illusion of a classic English silhouette given by the suppressed waist.

Armani Leather Suit

A good part of the movie Casino Royale (2006) was shot in casinos, with several Texas Hold’Em scenes vital to the movie plot. The screenwriters picked the card game because they believed it made for better drama – with high popularity, skill requirement, and huge stakes. You can try your hand playing this game at any reputed online casino.

In addition, the stylish looks worn by Bond and the other characters helped set the scene to make this one of the highest-grossing Bond movies of all time. Daniel Craig is seen in critical portions of the movie with the brown Giorgio Armani leather jacket. Under the coat is a grey Sunspel crew neck short, coupled with brown pants and black leather shoes. He then completed the look with his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch.

The Commando Outfit 

James Bond (David Craig), in the latest movie No Time To Die, wore an N. Peal Navy Ribbed Army sweater and 007 combat trousers from N. Peal. He finished the ensemble with an array of sophisticated fashion items, including a Rag & Bone Classic Henley Long Sleeve T-shirt, N. Peal 007 Braces, Carbon Tactics Epoch and Quicky buckle, his popular Omega Seamaster wrist watch, Mil-Tec Touch Gloves, Vuarnet Edge 1613 sunglasses, Danner 007 Tanicus tactical boots and finally an S.O. Tech Go Tactical Sling Bag.

The outfit is quite a lot to take in, and perhaps that is what makes it one of the most stylish looks of James Bond.

Navy Paletot

As portrayed by Roger Moore in Live and Let Die (1973), James Bond exuded elegance and a gentlemanly look when he donned a classic overcoat. Beneath, he wore a blue shirt with a regimental striped tie from Benson & Clegg. Finally, he complimented the outfit with a pair of black leather tassel loafers and matching leather gloves.

Final thoughts

With the iconic line, “Bond… James Bond”, the secret spy is undoubtedly one of the most famous characters who will always be connected with casinos.

It is almost certain that the next phase of movies in the Bond franchise with the new cast will have some thrilling casino scenes and the stylish signature look of elegance and cool sophistication.