Narrow Lot home designs are one of the hottest trends overtaking the homeowner’s market. With the size of lots that people can buy abating more and more every year, as well as rising housing costs, and an awareness of our Eco-footprint homeowners have been forced to become creative in building their new homes.

Because of this new need for smaller homes, we have seen a further rise of creative and original Narrow Lot Home Designs enter the market.

What drives the need for narrow lot homes?

There are three common factors we have seen, again and again: affordability, livability, and availability. Prices for land have increased in the past years, making it a valuable, yet an expensive resource for homeowners who wish to build on their land, and have caused construction companies to rethink their profit margins and precisely what the perfect size house is to sell. Multiple factors have also increased our population over the past hundred years. As our residential areas grow more and more crowded, homeowners and companies need to be more creative with how they use the remaining developed land that is left. Lastly, a narrow lot home does not require much upkeep. This can be very attractive to people who have busy lives and don’t spend much time at home.

What is a Narrow Lot Home? What are the benefits of actually living in one?

Hiring the right designer to arrange the layout of your narrow lot house is the next most crucial step, after buying one. Because there is not as much square footage as a traditional home (or what we might think of as a traditional home), you will need a designer who can get creative with the space that you do have, as well as make some decisions about your lifestyle.

The first thing the designer will do is arrange your home as distinct, clutter-free design. There won’t be large furniture sets or a lot of knick-knacks to take up space in the already limited space that you have. The designer will also maximize the area that you have. Instead of buying furniture like dressers or chests to store things, they will maximize the use of your walls.

Use narrow, stand up shelves to store things, or buy paintings or put up pictures to draw attention away from the lack of floor space, as well as not use what floor space you have left.

Another trick your designer will utilize is to have your walls painted in lighter colors. This is a well known “hack” to make your space look bigger and less confined. Putting windows in every room instantly brightens and opens up your living space, no matter how big or small. The last hack your designer should know is to add a focal point of either an interesting rug or mirrors.

Narrow lot homes are the homes of the future.

As our residential living spaces become fewer and more expensive, you will eventually need to find something affordable and useful to your desires and needs regarding homeownership. Don’t sacrifice your dream career or perfect town to live because of housing prices! Narrow Lot Homes give you more options, options that you may have felt that you never had before, under traditional homeownership. As the quality of life improves and specific aspects of adulthood (home and car ownership, 401ks, home-owned businesses, etc.) become less and less available the traditional way, it is up to the industry to modify and meet the needs of its customers. Narrow Lot Homes goes above and beyond in this aspect, by providing homes that are built for today’s fast-paced world.

Lastly, becoming the owner of a Narrow Lots Home does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality or design of your home. It is merely a way to live with less stuff to clutter your home, while also maximizing the space that you do have to the benefit of yourself and your entire family. Not only do you save money on your purchase, but you also save money on reduced heating and electrical bills, as your new home would be both easier to heat and contain a lot more natural light, by dint of its design. Whether your reasons are purely financial or ecological, don’t wait to buy your Narrow Lot Home today! You will not regret your purchase!