Although millions use computers for online gambling, there are more mobile gamblers now than before. People finally realized that many top gambling sites give them access to everything that desktop users can try out. Therefore, many gamblers download the mobile app for Stake Casino and decide to test one of the top casino operators in the business.

Although many brands are yet to give their users access to a stand0alone app or mobile site, companies like Stake are pioneers in mobile gambling. Thanks to their quality mobile offerings, people can experience numerous things. While we are talking about options, let’s go over a few factors that people take into account before downloading and installing an app.

Access to everything in seconds

Unsurprisingly, the first and main reason why mobile casinos are trendy is that they allow people to be more flexible while gambling. Since they can access everything using an app, they do not need a computer. As a result, gamblers can bet while being out with friends.

Speaking of mobile casino games, many top casino operators may not always let you experience every title. Stake’s casino mobile app for iOS and Android is an exception because it only works with industry leaders. However, users who decide to try out other gambling companies often have difficulties, especially if they want to play games with real dealers.

The applications can sometimes give bettors access to special bonuses

While it is true that mobile casino bonuses are not as common as you might think, some operators will provide their clients with different perks. Usually, downloading and installing a mobile app will give you access to a casino bonus like free spins. However, some companies may also give clients access to deposit bonuses and cashback.

Interestingly, the companies with a special mobile casino bonus will only give this reward to those who download the app and make a deposit. However, there are cases where the mobile bonus might become available after registering. Always read the Terms and Conditions because every casino has different rules.

Mobile casino apps may even have exclusive games

Online casinos are known for having way more games than most land-based operators. An overview of Stake’s casino shows that his operator works with many top-tier software providers, but it also develops its own games. Hence, it has many unique options that are not available elsewhere.

Although most companies try to optimize their desktop titles so that they are accessible on mobile devices, gamblers can stumble upon companies that provide exclusive mobile casino titles. These games are developed by many of the world’s leading software suppliers and usually have a better mobile interface.

Unsurprisingly, slots are usually the go-to mobile-exclusive casino games, but some people but people may also find a few other options.


Last but not least, having access to a casino application can often allow you to receive different kinds of notifications. Many gamblers disable this feature on purpose because they think that the operator will “spam” them with messages. This might be true for some companies, but reputable online casinos will only send notifications for things that matter.

For example, casinos will inform you about a new game or bonus. They can even let you know if someone from your friends’ list comes online.