A great way to beat the heat during the hot summer days, especially if you find yourself on the long road, is to have tinted windows installed. This invention can provide shade and, as a result, cools down the whole vehicle temperature, which makes it easier for drivers and passengers to get in and out of the car, especially in places that are known for their heat.  

On the other hand, these windows can have their disadvantages as well. Before adding them in, the best thing would be to consider what you are gaining from tinted window installment and what you are “losing.” In this case, platforms like Cararac come in handy as you can compare some essential characteristics of any car installment. This brief article will provide you with the benefits and potential drawbacks that tinted car windows can offer, which you may find useful as any other car owner would. 

Pro No. 1: Light Protection

Filtering incoming light, which can often be ever so blinding while drawing your car, is usually one of the primary purposes of tinted windows. You will be able to drive more safely due to blocking out the sun, which is harming your vision. 

According to the Washington Post, tinted windows are also terminal selective. The overall amount of solar heat that passes through your vehicle is reduced up to 60 percent. 

Pro No. 2: Perfect Interior Temperature

As mentioned, blocking out the heat from the interior is important when owning a vehicle. No one likes to go inside a car and have a “heat stroke” due to leaving their can on the sun too long. Even if this is not as relevant for cooler seasons or climates where the weather is just not as hot, tinted windows can make a huge difference in places where such conditions would not be the case but quite the opposite. If you decide to go for tinting, you will certainly get the cooler interior. A more comfortable space means more comfort for the occupants of the car as well. Air conditioning will not have to work in full force to cool you down too. The majority of the sun’s UV rays are harmful, so the blocking of the light is also beneficial. 

Pro No. 3: UV Ray Protection

Ultraviolet light, or UV for short, is blocked out by the window film. Your and other passenger’s skin will be protected from it as a result. The UV is more harmful than ever because the ozone layer getting thinner each year, and skin is prone to damage or even diseases like skin cancer

Ultraviolet light can also ruin the interior of your car as well since fabric or plastic inside can become brittle and crack or split. 

Pro No. 4: Keeping The Glass In One Place

Another pro is that tinted windows can act as a protective barrier. To be precise. The windshield is made out of plastic and glass laminate, while the side windows are made out of tempered glass. 

For that reason, in case of an accident, when the glass shatters into a million little peaches, window tint film would keep the majority of those particles from flying around. Naturally, that is a safety measure which is more than required in case of such an event. 

Con No. 1: Visibility

The con of tinted windows is the reduced ability for the driver and the passengers to see outside of the vehicle, which can be a problem when the tint shade is darker.

Even though it should not represent such an issue during the day when the sun is bright, on low saturated days which are dusky or at night, tinted windows can be challenging. If you decide to tint your windows dark, it is possible to experience vision problems in certain conditions. 

Con No. 2: “Dealing” With Law

Preliminary to getting your car windows tinted, it is mandatory to check with your local laws if it is possible to act upon your wish since many states and countries have different regulations. There are various requirements that need to meet for the different windows on the car. 

Such a divide is the potential of limited visibility, which is created by the dark tint. Some of the laws will deal with such matters, the exact amount of window tint allowed for use. 

As any responsible car owner would do, it would be wise to contact your police department and the local department of transportation so you could determine any possible restrictions that you may encounter. 

Before you decide to obtain tinted windows for your vehicle, weigh out the options and pros and cons that they may come with. It would be advisable not to forget your local laws and see if it is possible to have them as an option at all. 

If everything is in order, and you have found all you need to make the final choice, nothing is stopping you from making your car look as sleek as it can be.