In the UK, self-storage is a booming industry. Although COVD-19 has had a negative impact on many other property-based sectors, the self-storage business has seen both revenue and occupancy rise. When you pass by a major road on your next trip, there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted with a self-storage facility. The self-storage industry has always seen growth during times of change, which is now evident more than ever due to the pandemic and an increasing amount of people needing some extra space to store their things.

Businesses Need Self Storage

There are plenty of reasons as to why the self-storage industry has weathered the Covid-19 storm, and come out the other side stronger than ever. Self-storage growth could be attributed to the unfortunate downsizing that many businesses have had to endure. As businesses have been hit by the pandemic’s restrictions, in many cases, they have had to move into smaller office spaces or other kinds of buildings. For example, a restaurant that has been struggling during the pandemic may have needed somewhere to store their now unneeded chairs and tables due to moving into a smaller restaurant space. The Covid social distancing restrictions have also played a large role in this with restaurants, pubs, and other businesses needing more space and having to remove things like tables and chairs to allow for distancing between their patrons.

Lifestyle Changes Increasing Demand for Storage

Besides businesses needing the services provided by local storage, more and more individuals have been needing somewhere to store their belongings. People have been making big lifestyle changes, like renovating their homes or moving houses altogether throughout the pandemic. During these transition periods, self-storage is a must-have for many people to store their belongings.

Self-storage facilities are popping up everywhere as the self-storage industry continues to grow. Many people who would like a place to put their belongings choose self-storage because of its affordability and convenience, especially since Covid restrictions have limited many other areas of business; there’s no better time than now for you to use the services that local self-storage provides.

Self Storage Companies

Companies like Cubic Storage provide people and businesses with storage units to use during these times of uncertainty, whether you are someone who is redecorating a room in your house to welcome a new child, or if you are moving house and starting a new career. A Cubic Storage spokesperson has said that “our company aims to provide customers with a convenient way of storing their possessions so they can focus more time on what matters”.

The Future of Self Storage

The future year is rife with uncertainty, but all signs point to continued demand for storage space and the sector being in a solid position to capitalize on this. The self-storage industry has shown its resilience in times of crisis, and all indications are that Covid-19 will be no different.

All signs point to continued demand for the services provided by local self-storage facilities as people seek out affordable ways to store their belongings during these uncertain times. Self-storage is an ideal solution for adding extra space when you need it most without having to make any long-term commitments or sign any unnecessary contracts.