The technological revolution changed the way we do everything, from banking to spending time with friends, and gaming was no exception. While it took a while for some games to be playable in digital form, casino games were among the first to be converted as their random nature was relatively easy to render in computer format.  

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that social media has had a huge impact on the way people interact, from the early days when a Facebook poke was a delightfully vague way to attract someone’s attention online. Today, when there have been social media sites around for so long that we have several generations falling in and out of favor, there are dedicated sites for all kinds of hobbies and interests.

This means that businesses can leverage their social presence to reach a wider number of potential customers and fans, while also allowing users to steer the content in the direction that interests them. While there is a place for relentless terms and conditions and contractually binding information, one of the things that players love about casinos is the sense of being carefree and embracing the sense of fun. 

Social media can be a huge help for those that want to preserve that aspect of their gaming experience as there are plenty of site- and game-specific forums and discussion boards. Likeminded players on sites such as JackpotJoy can share everything from the basics of how to play bingo to tips and advice on any and all other casino games. 

Maintaining the casino community

One of the most appealing things about land-based casinos is the opportunity to play with friends, and many people love to create an atmosphere and cheer on the other members of their group for good luck. From high-stakes games in which onlookers hold their collective breath as the players draw cards and place bets to the quick and easy fun of the slots where friends can play alongside each other, other people make casino gaming fun.

In order to preserve the unique atmosphere of the casino and deliver it in digital form, social media sites have been used as a gathering place for fans that want to discuss their favorite games. Fans seek each other out to engage in game-based chat, offer each other encouragement, and discuss their strategies for winning.

This has been particularly important for traditional casinos with existing client bases who are loyal to the brand or particular casino branch. By fostering strong online communities, established casinos have demonstrated their ability to capitalize on their existing reputation to encourage their land-based users to check out their online offerings and enjoy the convenience of playing online with the reassurance of a familiar brand. 

Casino sites that want to nurture their gaming community can balance that effort using social media and ensure that they aren’t pestering potential players with unwanted contact. Social media sites provide the perfect intermediary as players can seek them out and indicate their level of interest in casino news so that they only get the most useful information that is relevant to them,

Social media in casino promotion

Social media offers the opportunity to deliver highly targeted information to active users that want to hear more. Users that want to learn more about their preferred casinos or favorite games can seek out information from their fellow players and casinos can deliver targeted ads to them to offer discounts, promotions, special offers, and other bonus content to potential players that have already demonstrated a significant level of engagement.

This is ideal for online-only casinos that do not already have the brand recognition and awareness that traditional casinos have when making the move to the online sphere. Getting a new casino established is much easier when there is a little online buzz, and social media is one of the best ways to encourage players to talk to one another.

By creating shareable content, such as special offers, promotions, sign-up bonuses, and more, online casinos can cultivate a fan base that promotes their brand online. Sites such as Facebook that encourage users to interact with one another are popular with casinos as they can answer questions and engage in dialogue with their potential visitors and begin to create a positive online relationship. 

Casinos that want to target a clientele that is old enough to enjoy their offers tend to go for sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, These sites are largely frequented by older users who are able to use the sites and create gaming accounts to allow them to make the most of any special offers available. 

By choosing an appropriate platform, targeting adverts and viral content appropriately, and encouraging users to form strong communities, online casinos can make the most of the ubiquity of social media sites.