Everyone wants to have just one wedding in their lifetimes. When one chooses to be with one person for the rest of their lives, they want that to mean something. Equally, weddings are special occasions. They help create memories that will last a lifetime. If you are thinking about writing a wedding speech, there are several rules you need to follow. After all, you need to make your speech a great one so that people will remember it for years.

Avoid clichés

When you are telling the audience about your love story, avoid clichés such as “the one.” Of course, your groom is the one, and everyone knows that. Tell the people what brought you together. Was it the fact that your bride is a foodie who told you which restaurants have the best coffee and lasagna? Was it a blind date where the groom admitted he loved a girly movie you never thought anyone else liked?

Tell that story

For a truly memorable wedding speech, you need to tell your audience a particular story. Find a theme, establish a story within that theme and tell that story all the way to the climax. This way people will associate your anecdotes, your long list of thank you’s and the toast to particular themes. Not only is this sneaky, but it is also unique and well thought out.

Humor always triumphs

Do not be confused. Humor is not always about the jokes you might think about cracking as you read your speech. You cannot find something funny to tell your audience online. The best way to be funny without sounding awkward is by making witty observations.

For instance, if you heard that the wedding was going to have a naked cake flavor, talk about what you expected from that without being too dirty. Talk about how surprised you were to find out that someone at the wedding has a plant as a pet. The list of things you can mention is endless.

Have all the details

The secret is in telling the audience something fresh or unique about the groom that they did not know. Is he taking singing classes or perhaps he suddenly started a vegan diet? Tell the audience something quirky and cute. However, you should be very careful here to ensure that you give the audience something unique but not embarrassing and intimate.

Keep it short

The secret is in always ensuring that the story you tell is brief and precise. While you also don’t want it to be too serious, you will lose your audience if your speech is longer than 8 minutes. Ensure that everything you want to say is in those eight minutes. The last thing you want is for your speech to feel like it was a sermon. Then, people will remember you in a bad way.

Make it memorable

You also want to ensure that the speech you write is unique and memorable. Include those photos in a power point presentation. If you can, sing the whole speech Rehearse a lot, and things will be perfect.

Dress nicely

One thing people will talk about for days is how good you looked when you were giving the speech. Remember that there will be a video that will be played by the couple and their kids. Most likely, their grandchildren will also see the video a couple of times.

Throughout these generations of people, you want to make a lasting impression. Buy statement gold necklace for women. It will keep your outfit in check and will help you maintain that glow.

Conclusion – Looking good is an essential aspect of delivering a good speech. You also need to understand what to say and when to say it. Be honest but keep all the embarrassing aspects of the couple out of the speech. Remember to have fun with it. You are not peaching to business people, these are friends and family you’re talking to