When thinking about casinos, the gambling capitals of the world are the locations that immediately spring to mind. Las Vegas is the first, with its glitz, glamour, and sparkling light show in the desert. After this, the sprawling resorts of Macau and Asia may be your next thought. Yet did you know there are many other interesting places to find casinos?

If you are looking for a unique casino break, then we can help. Let’s look at some of the most interesting casinos in the world. 

Taxicab Casino, London

Of course, you do not need to travel far at all to visit a casino. There are plenty of offers available online, so you can play while you travel in the back of a real cab to your place of work, or just indulge at home. Paddy Power online slots have a variety of games for you to play, more than you could ever fit in a taxi. With attractive welcome bonuses, it is a much more practical way to play casino games while on the move. 

However, for those who want something a little odd, the Taxicab Casino is the answer. This travelling operator was set up for the 2016 summer of sport in the capital of the United Kingdom and also went to major cities such as Birmingham and Glasgow. It was situated in the back of one of the UK’s iconic black cabs. 

Space was a huge issue, so blackjack was the only game on offer. It could even provide refreshments while playing, too.

Esperanza Base, Antarctica

Getting to Antarctica is not easy, but there are tourist excursions that frequent it. However, don’t expect the five-star service you would get from the gambling capitals such as Vegas and Macau when you arrive. The one casino on the continent is basic, to say the least. 

The Esperanza Base belongs to the Argentinian government. The whole complex is home to around 6o permanent residents, who spend their leisure time at the aptly nicknamed ‘Casino’. While table games are available, the place also doubles up as a community center so arrive on the wrong day and you may find yourself taking part in dancing lessons or a bingo game instead. 

Taxicab Casino London

North Cadbury Court, Somerset

When you visit an English stately home, a casino is not the first thing you think of. Perhaps you may imagine quaint gift shops and cafes serving afternoon tea, but not the spinning of roulette wheels and the clink of chips on the table. Yet travel down to the basement of North Cadbury Court and you will be surprised by what is on offer. 

The underground basement of the house, built around 1580, has room for thirty patrons. It can host games of blackjack, poker, and roulette. The entire venue is designed for weddings, also having a bar room, snooker rooms, and pools. You cannot visit on a day-to-day basis but must book out the whole venue, which will liaise with a local croupier to provide you with the full experience. 

You do not just have to visit Vegas for a unique experience. From isolated countries to historical homes, there is always a casino close by.