With remote employment on the rise, more professionals are tasked with setting up a functional home office. With this, modern office ergonomics typically require technology to function. While creating a comfortable home office is essential, tech is imperative to basic functions.

So, if you’re setting up a home office for the first time, these are the tech essentials that every modern home office must have.

Workstation Or Laptop

Your workstation or laptop will genuinely be the center of your work universe; without this essential, you won’t be able to connect to your team or manage most of your work-related tasks.

When shopping around for a suitable one, consider your needs. But with that said, it’s always best to opt for the best quality your budget can allow. When it comes to tech, especially workstations and laptops, you get what you pay for, so choose with care.

Printer And Scanner

The standard home office should have a printer and a scanner. Even if you feel you won’t use this device often, scanners and printers are pretty handy to have. Moreover, they are typically pretty pocket-friendly, so it’s a worthwhile investment for productivity.

A Second Screen

The value of a second screen can only truly be experienced if you have one. Moreover, even those who feel they don’t really need a second screen find them useful enough to keep.

A second screen will enhance your task vision. Often, more visual space enhances productivity as well.

Reliable Storage

You might be thinking of storage for your paperwork, stationery, and other things, although reliable storage in this article refers to hard drives and USB flash drives. These are essential for the modern home office.

Just as you need storage for the tangible things in your office, you also need reliable data storage.


In today’s day and age, digital storage is not the only thing a home office needs to function; you will also need a stable internet connection. It’s best to keep your router in your office for this reason; a stable connection is invaluable during work hours.


If you work from home and your budget allows this investment, it’s worth your while to purchase a UPS. This innovative device will protect your work from any power fluctuations. There’s quite a wide variety of prices and different units as well. Some UPS devices will only provide power surge protection, while others offer server and battery backup.

Smart Accessories

Even though smart accessories are not essentials, they’re worth investing in when it comes to adding more functionality to your home office. You can consider things like Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, wireless desk lighting, wireless charging pads, and so many others.

When it comes to investing in tech for your career, it’s important to prioritize quality above all else; invest in the best quality your budget allows. With this decision, you will have fewer hurdles during work hours due to faulty or inferior quality tech. Furthermore, you will also have to replace tech less if the quality is better.