Los Angeles is one of the top destinations in the U.S. to travel to. There are many things to do, you’ll surely be on the go, but before your trip ends, be sure to visit any of these great L.A. restaurants that offer the perfect views of the city.

Eye-catching mountains, breathtaking ocean, fascinating skyscrapers, and many other attractions make Los Angeles an excellent destination for tourists and local gourmets. The city provides a range of exciting attractions for students, who have a limited budget but want to enjoy the beauty of the majestic place.

Up-to-date, classic, and modern restaurants are the most significant and frequently visited places in L.A. No matter if you are a college student, who is continually typing the search request, “who can do my essay cheap?”, or the one who has enough money to afford whatever he/she wants, welcoming and affordable L.A. restaurants are available for you. Are you ready to immerse into the fantastic world of beautiful landscapes and enjoy the eye-catching views of the city, put your things aside and check out the most impressive L.A. restaurants?

Nobu Malibu

One of the most impressive and exclusive restaurants caters to the rich. Unique designs, fantastic panoramic views of the ocean, excellent food, and welcoming staff make it ultimately appreciated by the customers. Bright illumination adds to the stunning evenings in the restaurant.

E.P. & L.P.

Are you tired of routine college life? E.P. & L.P. is the top choice for you. Get the college homework help and party all night, being surrounded by magnificent views of Los Angeles. This is a fantastic place for those who want to relax, enjoy the evening and have several drinks.

Mama Shelter

Are you excited by the picturesque and exciting sightline of Hollywood sign? Mama Shelter is the restaurant you need to visit. The rooftop place offers not unique views but also delicious food and fantastic entertainment opportunities.


Best steaks in Los Angeles are here! A world-known chef will impress you with the delicious barbecue you have never tasted. An excellent location of the restaurant will add to your unforgettable experience.

Mastro’s Ocean Club

Breathtaking sunsets and unique sunrises are the best opportunities to enjoy magnificent views, sitting at the table of the Mastro’s Ocean Club. Light water breeze and refreshing sights around you will make the taste of your steak even better.


The conceptual design, excellent food, and magnificent views are the features of MajorDomo appreciated by the customers. Delicious dishes and welcoming staff contribute to the overall level of restaurant appreciation. The place welcomes not only rich and well-to-do clients but also students and other people with a limited budget.


The appealing name of the restaurant, Antico, speaks for itself. The antique style of the place, excellent location, and unforgettable food make it one of the top destinations in Los Angeles. Have a look from the window, and you will get a chance to enjoy a magnificent view of the city.


What are the key peculiarities of the Piccalilli restaurant? Following the reviews, the ultimately delicious food is not the best option in the restaurant. Instead, customers start with the description of the aqua-hued place that is surrounded by striking landscapes and breathtaking views.

The Penthouse restaurant at the Huntley Hotel in Los Angeles, California
Courtesy: The Penthouse LA Restaurant

The Penthouse

Located on the top of the Huntley Hotel, it is one of the most elite and chic restaurants that features a beachy d├ęcor and magnificent views. The vast surrounding adds to the idyllic atmosphere of the place.

Courtesy – Elephantela.com


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