Men have long exhibited pierced ears, although this style is considered as extravagant in some circles. While some have different meanings to placement and sides, men and earrings are typically an expression of individual style and taste. There is a smaller number of styles deemed fit for men than for the ladies, but that changes with the fashion trends and the times as well.

Here is how you can style earrings for men.

The Rapper

The rapper is a common style embraced by most of the younger guys across the world. You can get one earlobe or both pierced and wear some shiny jewelry on them. That look can suit many types of faces, but if you want to put on “bling” then you should have some good cash for a genuine “bling.” If you’re adopting this style to attract ladies, remember that girls love diamonds, and they can notice a fake one from afar off, which might damage your image.

The Explorer

The explorer style is usually adopted by many young guys. Wanting to look more rebellious, they typically get one of their earlobes pierced. They believe with only one piercing, they are no longer shy. They are explorers, risk takers and they usually flirt with danger. Precious stones or gold jewelry will be ideal for you if you fit into this type of category. You can go for stainless steel, titanium, or silver. Simple or plain, you should not expect the jewelry to blow the minds of your peers.

men earings

The Bad Boy

The other widely adopted style is the Bad Boy. This style has one or even more cartilage earrings. To adopt this style, first, ensure that it’s what you want. Don’t allow peer pressure to influence you. Consider how it will affect your own life in the future, whether you would like to change your current job or if you are interested in getting one.

The Pin Cushion

Men who fall into this category of people should seriously think about their life decisions. If you don’t have a reliable and stable job, this style is certainly a risk. These are the kind of guys who sport all types of piercing, from the earlobes to facial or nasal ones. This style looks great on acrobats and artists, but it isn’t ideal in an office, which means your employment options will be limited.

Regardless of the style you choose, there is a wide array of materials for male earrings, although not as extensive as those for ladies. Most men’s jewelry is created in titanium, platinum, silver, or gold, with a small percentage manufactured in piercing-quality plastic. If you are looking for men’s earrings, you can check online, and you will see 200+ styles here in different materials and shapes

However, men with industrials and plugs typically avoid silver due to oxidation and infection concerns but can use silver when it comes to earlobe jewelry. Earrings worn by men may appear more angular than those worn by women, and they don’t have similar backs. Instead, the jewelry will close and open on a hinge, fastening into place.

Men’s earrings are a significant piece of the fashion domain, and they come in different shapes and sizes. To start with, you don’t have to pierce your ears to experience the look and feel of putting on an earring. Although it’s fashionable for a man to wear one or two earrings, try it out before getting your ears pierced. When fully decided, don’t let others affect your judgment. After all, it’s your choice, your image!