Retreats are like the cherries on top of pies. The anticipation they bring, the joy they generate, the lasting memories that result from those experiences are simply priceless. When you get to share such an experience with the family, all positive emotions are magnified. If you cannot make up your mind on the location of your next or first retreat, keep reading for the cream of the crop picks for luxurious retreats.

The Scottish Hot Tub Experience

Hot tubs are synonymous with a luxurious experience. There is something extra special and relaxing about closing your eyes and allowing the bubbles and steam to transport you away into another reality. On the opposite end of the spectrum, children would be happy splashing about just as they would in any pool of water. Take a trip outside of the normal by trying lodges with hot tubs in Scotland, perfectly suited for both adults and children. Choose your most ideal cottage depending on the size of your family.

Looking for accommodations for a small family of two, check out Argdartan Argyll Lodges nestled in the mountains of Argyll Forest Park. Take time for exploring the scenic environment or simply relax, enjoying the views. For a larger family of 8 or 9, Brunston is an excellent option located on 25 acres within the valley of South Ayrshire, leaving a lot of space for roaming and various activities. Also, consider booking according to price with options starting under 500 pounds per week.

Luxury Cottage Destinations

UK Beach Getaways

Does the coast call to you? Does being immersed in seawater feel like your most natural environment? Very relatable. In addition to feeling heavenly when submerged in the ocean, the views that come along with the experience are breathtaking. Take the family for a midday swim or go at dusk for a solitary yet profound interaction with nature. Ideal for family vacations that also include pets, choose between cottages or holiday apartments. 

Yorkshire Coast Cottages will place you in the midst of 45 miles of coastline, sharp and rocky landscapes, and quaint little fishing villages. You will be afforded both your privacy and the choice of interacting with locals. Should you prefer a taste of the Atlantic and the English Channel, West Cornwall is your best bet. Your selection of cottages includes Perranporth, Marazion, and even the dynamic destination of St. Ives. Porthleven appeals to the traveler with its unique markets and music festivals. 

Rustic Retreat in Upstate New York
Photo courtesy of Brian Logan

Rustic Retreats In Upstate New York

Winter does not need to be a dreary and down season. Yes, it is cold and within no time pristine white snow gets trampled into a muddy marsh. But how about taking a step away from your routine and jumping headfirst into a new eye-opening and unforgettable adventure? Unique rentals in Upstate New York await you from the restored fisherman’s cottage to a cozy treehouse cabin. Take the family up to Creekside cabin surrounded by forested areas, streams, and waterfalls. Even your children will be in amazement. How about glamping in the Adirondaks where skiing and snowshoeing are fun favorites? 

I bet you’ve never been in a treehouse outfitted with television, heating and cooling systems, and a fully ready kitchen. Talk about mixing luxury with simple pleasures of life! Step out into a retreat you won’t soon forget. Completely reshape your view of wintertime. 

Caribbean Cottages To Fulfill Your Dreams

If you would like to totally leave behind the cold temperatures, there is no better location to soak in the sun and load up on the fun than the Caribbean. Jet across to Tortola’s Coconut Breeze Villas whose owners assure that you only need your swimsuit and sunscreen! Or try Antigua’s Yepton Estate Cottages. Enjoy all that nature has to offer then turn your focus to bird watching. Make a game out of guessing the names, some will surprise and tickle you. Both boast five-star reviews from hundreds of guests. Expedia provides Caribbean flights for as low as 30 USD. 

Are you a native French speaker or someone who would like the opportunity to practice their French while enjoying a fresh new place? Guadeloupe West Indies Cottages would love to welcome you and your family. The nearby restaurants and attractions come as highly rated as the cottages. 

With such wonderful luxurious cottage destinations, regardless of your selection, you are bound to have an amazing time. Decide to bless and thrill your family with plane tickets and bookings to one or more of the suggested spots. Once in a while, it is good to splurge. This is especially so if what you splurge on will foster a closer bond and lasting memories.