The era we are living in is unlike the old days when approaching and searching for jobs was hard, and the availability of online jobs was close to none. Being lucky, we should utilize the facilities we are having in our hands in the form of a smartphone. Applying for skilled jobs is easy and convenient. The Internet is working like magic for many jobless people. The boom and popularity of online work have gained motivating many others to enter the world of online jobs and freelancing. You are also welcome!

Working from home is advantageous and favorable because online jobs are accommodating the remote unemployed population too. Freelancing, on the other hand, has become a priority for a considerable percentage of the community. These apps specified below allow you to apply and send your resume to the company through their app directly or may require you to make an appropriate profile that includes all of your valid information. Apply for the most relevant jobs on the go using their Android/iPhone apps.


Are you trying to find yourself a suitable online job? You can make a resume that possesses your personal information, your education, and your experience (if any). It is a very genuine app, with certain user-friendly features of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. You can go through the jobs and apply them accordingly. This app notifies you when a person or the company is viewing your application. Artificial intelligence is to present all the suitable jobs.

Since it is a global job-searching platform, it helps employers hire the most deserving candidate for the job opening from any country regardless of any discrimination. As the name says it all, it does provide a step to you for moving forward in your online career.


End your search here! JobGet has a massive number of online jobs. Being one of the significant job searching platforms, it is serving the job recruiter and seekers with vital and imperative services. It is undoubtedly a fast app to use for seeking in many industries. The most exciting fact about this app is that it lets you connect and communicate to the recruiters through messages and in-app video interviews are also possible.

Say goodbye to traditional resumes. All you need to do is sign-up to create your profile. Once you have your customized profile, you can already apply to all the online jobs. Without wasting any more time, get your Android and iPhone apps, and start your search.


Find your right job on this app, if you are a creative bird. To receive extra benefits other than salary, this is the most suitable app. You can choose to work with an organization that can enhance your skills along with job satisfaction.

The fascinating part of using the application is taking personality quizzes. Moreover, these quizzes show up on your profile, and the recruiters can best judge your abilities, interests, and creativity. Apply to the most suitable job, but the app does not process it directly. Instead, recommend any other outlet to do it.


Finding an online job? This means you can not go for a full-time job or you prefer to stay home for some reason. For both reasons, you have approached the right application because it can accurately serve your purpose. For using the app, Indeed, you need to set up your resume and then apply to the jobs offered there. Based on your education and profession you can approach the most suitable positions in a few seconds


Not willing to work for specific hours? Try freelancing! Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing apps. This application has the availability of many types of online jobs, which are to ease the searching process of the users (job seekers/ recruiters obviously). You are your boss and work as much as you like.

The work is mostly project-based and can become long-term as the relation grows well with the client. Choose your best skill to be served as a freelancer. No resume, no previous background or company required. Only your ‘Skill’ will make you a great earner!


Online jobs are a blessing for all those searching for jobs. Use these top job searching apps for finding a satisfactory online job and save your time because it merely requires a download from the play store to continue!